FF XIII-2: Square Enix Realizes its mistake of Long Development Times

Kartik: "The user and critical reception of Final Fantasy XIII seems to have shaken Square Enix at its very core. The reason for Final Fantasy XIII-2 they say, is because of they wanted to correct all the mistakes they did earlier."

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-Mika-2434d ago

Square release your games every 1-2 years. Waiting 3 or more years for a game is too much.

DA_SHREDDER2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Wanna correct the mistakes of the last final fantasy? Stop makking FF13-2 and start over with a new set of characters and storyline. Despite the linearity and broken combat system, I feel they need to start fresh cause regardless of how gorgeous the game was, everything else was complete garbage, and it doesn't seem that FF13-2 is gonna beable to fix anything. QTE battles, lol. Give me a break, better yet, just hurry up and make that FFX remake, I can't stomach the crap that is called FF now.

Optical_Matrix2434d ago

What broken combat system? That was the best thing about Final Fantasy XIII? Despite what all the blind haters say it required skills and tactical thinking, especially in the harder option battles. It was pushing Final Fantasy in the right direction in that respect, especially when you consider how hard it is when you turn off auto-battle.

The linearity was ridiculous, and the story wasn't so hot. Neither were the characters for that matter, but I give credit where credit is due.

Wintersun6162434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII's combat system was fundamentally broken IMO. I want more control. If I can't tell my saboteur what spells to cast and in what order, I can't honestly say it's a good system. Having full control of only 1 character at a time sucks. Why should we not be able to tell our other 2 characters exactly what to do in combat? Otherwise I liked the idea of Paradigm Shift, but I was bothered by the lack of control.

Eamon2434d ago

FF13 battle combat system was terrible. I wouldn't put myself in the category of blind hater since I played over 25 hours of it.

There is simply hardly any tactical skill in the system. It's more about timings. I remember when fighting that Fal'Cie who posed as the human leader of Cocoon, I died mainly because the paradigms didn't switch over in time after I changed.

I also completely echo Wintersun616's comment.

ash_divine2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


I guess I get where you're coming from but, isn't controlling all three characters a little bit much, considering the pace of the battles in the game?

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, as that's kind of closer to how the older games worked. I just don't think it'd work with FF13's cinematic still of gameplay.

Edit: @Eamon

That happened to me a couple of times so I can't really disagree with that. But, I'd say FF13's gameplay did take tactical skill UNLESS the player relied on Auto-Battle.

At first, I felt just like a lot of others, in that I thought that the gameplay consisted of tediously hitting auto-battle over and over. But then I started to notice that I wasn't getting the 5 star rating anymore. And I realised that Auto-Battle was actually slowing me down. So I ditched it and that's when I started to really GET this system.

I say SE's only mistake was even including Auto-Battle to begin with.

Eamon2434d ago

ash_divine, I agree. Autobattle was the worst addition S-E did. The pacing should never have been fast in the first place. I enjoyed SNES/PS1 era pacing perfectly fine.

If you do want to use individual commands you need to manually go into settings and change the speed of battles to slow mode. But when you do, battles could last like 5 times longer and then trying to stagger an enemy is as slow as watching grass grow.

In my opinion, Final Fantasy X had perfect pacing - mainly because it wasn't ATB anymore. But it was fast and had dynamic camera views.

Qbanj692434d ago


Damnm you played that crap for 25 Hours? You must be hardcore then. I beat the game in 15 and traded the game right after.

Black-Helghast2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Long development times? FFvs13 says hi.


You finished the game in 15 hours? I couldn't play that..that THING for more than 2 hours straight and I had it for 5 months.

Wintersun6162433d ago


I see what you mean, but it doesn't necessarily have to be done in battle everytime. I think the best thing would be to otherwise keep the battle system mostly as it is, but incorporate a system similar to FF12's gambits. That way you could at least change the order and priority of spells in different classes for your 2 other characters from the menu. That would be a major improvement.

Another easy but a huge improvement would be to allow you to change your team leader on the fly with a single button press in battle. Then you could give single commands to any member of your team just like you can manually command your leader in FF13. I don't see that breaking the pace of battle.

The best case scenario IMO would be to incorporate both of above changes. That wouldn't impact on those who like to play like they did in FF13, and it would also provide a fix for us who want to have complete control over every character.

torchic2433d ago

XIII's combat system i thought was delightful. much MUCH better than the combat in the other RPG that was released this month to glowing reviews, and ultimately put me off the game. i do agree with Wintersun616 that it would've been nice to control more characters at a time, especially in boss battles (Saboteur and Synergist roles especially), but it would be very difficult to do so with the sheer pacing of battles.

i agree with ash_divine though that once you turn Auto Battle off, the difficulty spikes up A LOT. i turned auto battle off during boss battles, and turned it on when i was fighting those 30 second battles and running through corridors. the game becomes more tactical and you really do get 5 stars on battles.

and to the dude that apparently finished the game in 15 hours. good for you.

MRMagoo1232433d ago

Im more into turn based fighting like ff7,8,9 and 10 i really dislike when they change the game to more action styles, it may be nostalgia talking but i would take a remake of the aforementioned ffs to any new one any day of the week.

The story of ff13 was ok at times but the characters didnt seem as good as previous games to me, plus the world was made of corridors which ruined the ff exploration. All in all ide rather they took 10 years to make a good game again than shoveling out some crap like 13.

lMHl2432d ago

FF is balls deep bro

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oli2434d ago

releasing games every 1-2 years is stupid, i prefer waiting and getting a good game. you seem to be one of the new people who started gaming this gen. in generations before, these games wouldn't be made that quick.

Misterhbk2434d ago

Final Fantasy IX - released in 2000
Final Fantasy X - released in 2001

They both just so happen to be my two favorite final fantasy games. Just wanted to point that out.

oli2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

well... you got me there.

_Aarix_2433d ago

Your comparing ps2 development to ps3? Wow. I doubt they can make a good this gen ff in a year. It would've been much easier last gen.

Eamon2432d ago

If I remember correctly,

Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI where all developed around the same time. This is what Square had announced before the PS2 was released.

They had planned to release a final FF title on PS1, then release FFX on PS2 and FFXI a year after.

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brish2434d ago

There are a lot of good games that took a while to make.

Skyrim took about 3 to 4 years if I recall and people seem to like it (I'm waiting for it to be patched before I get it).

A company can start multiple teams for games and release games every year.

For example:
2010 team 1 starts making game (to finish 2013)
2011 team 2 starts making diff game (2014)
2012 team 3 starts making diff game (2015)
2013 team 1 releases first game, starts another one
2014 team 2 releases second game, starts another one
2015 etc etc

Pozzle2434d ago

Forget long development times. Stop announcing your games 5+ years before you have any intention of releasing them! (I'm looking at you FF Versus XIII).

blumatt2434d ago

Yeah, I'm wondering where the hell Versus 13 is myself. I want it so bad.

no_more_heroes2433d ago

KH2 released in 2006. They haven't even STARTED making KH3 proper. It's sort of why I'm both enraged and intrigued by FFvXIII's existence at the same time, because they could've been spending that time making KH3 instead (KH team is the one making it), but in a way, it might be a bit of a sneak peak at what KH3 might be like, at least in terms of gameplay.

VampiricDragon2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

square has been incredible this gen. Theyve released over 30 really good games

most of them have been on handhelds but thats irrelevant when your talking about all they did this gen.

And "hypcrite much"

Call of duty releases there games every 1-2 years people hate it, assisins creed is milked beyond repair.

And now you want square to be like that?

Yeah your really looking out for them

Type zero was in dev for 3 years and look how great that turned out. Rocket slime 3 the same.

They give games the time they need.

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

-reads Vampiric Dragon's comment-

Rai2434d ago

type zero was announced along side FF13 and FFv13. it was originally name FF AGITO 13. so it took them 5 years to make the game.

I can't say that releasing a game every 1-2 years is a bad thing. the first 10 Final Fantasy games came out on a 1-2 year basis

Stealth2k2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@ sanada

Is trolling neccessary. No offense but you are also moron. Theyve been releasing countless original games each year. For the majority of systems in between releases

@ rai

Before you comment you should really get the facts or else you will look like a moron. Just friendly advice

"The game was in actual development for three and a half years, said Tabata, although there was a period where progress was at a bare minimum"

So basically it wasnt even in dev a full 3.5 years.

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Square Enix needs to realize it's not the long development times that it's the problem but the games in between each title.

Like I mentioned in a previous thread,I severely doubt that if SE managed to push out great original games (like what Square did with Xenogears, Vagrant Story and Front Mission 3 on the PSOne) or even proper sequels for past titles (I'm looking at you Third Birthday) for consoles within the development period between FF's then alot of fans wouldn't have raised so much flak for about how slow the series was releasing......

Quality games would have gave them more than enough breathing room to do what they want.....

ash_divine2434d ago

Actually I'd say they've got the right idea here. 4-5 years for a single game is ridiculous. (Versus might even push 6).

Especially since XIII-2 proves that they could have one out in half the time.

And as far as releasing games in between. The only problem with that is that all of their best people and resources are usually working on the FF's titles. So it still comes back to dev times that are way to long.

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Look, if SE had other great JRPGS for next generation consoles that were released within the timeline of development, most fans wouldn't worry of time mainly because they had something within their grasp to occupy it until the next big Final Fantasy title is released. But none were found and compound that with the drought of good JRPGS lately, fans of the company starting to feel the burn of waiting for it.

The other problem I see in this announcement is that SE released that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have two new DLC packages in less 6 months of release ranging from weapons to bosses. Call me pessimistic but I think Kitase said this to push more DLC packs to be released in future Final Fantasy games.

This will be a big problem because this means less and less actual content will be offered on disk for the sake of "Day One Downloads" which we have seen so much this generation.

When you see the bigger picture of the article, it only spells trouble......

I'm not having blind hatred for the company that provided me Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears but disappointed at what they have become recently....


ash_divine2434d ago

Well, I def agree about day one DLC. And if that's the way they plan to cut down development time then I agree that that could become a issue.

I'm hoping that that they simple mean that they could develop the games faster from here on out.(if true, we might actually see a KH3 soon.) Instead of them meaning that they will take a short cut and try to nickle and dime their fanbase.

I know it's probably foolish, but I have faith that SE mean the former. (Well, a little anyways.)

Ddouble2433d ago

I agree with this as well. If they can get back to how it was in the PS1 days then it would have been better but the dev time for those games can't compare to now.

FFVII came out in 1997, Parasite Eve and Xenogears in 1998, FFVIII and Parasite Eve 2 in 1999, FFIX, Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story in 2000 and FFX in 2001.

They can't churn out games at that rate but like you said if they can get some original games, maybe have some on the Vita since it's easy to develop for and some on the PS3 while, it would be good while we wait for the main FF's.

That way we don't have a drought. That's probbaly what they tried to do with the 3rd birthday but some people ignore portables and it didn't sound to great from what i heard.

Ddouble2433d ago

This in my opinion was the worst thing about SE this gen. Forget about XIII's linearity. I already knew that would be taken care of by the next game and Type-0 proved so.

However announcing 3 games and then releasing them 4,5 and probably 6 years after respectively is the worst thing for the fans. XIII coming out 4 years after it was announced just made it have too much hype which it could not live up too.

They need to find a way to turn these games out faster. I know they don't like cutting corners and they make games with great attention to detail but they need to find a way to carry on making these great games faster.

I'm pretty sure if we had Versus by now the amount of FF is dying articles will decrease a lot but until we get it people have no other choice but to complain about XIII flaws.

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