FF13 Producer Admits Game Had Problems

The producer of Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, has come to terms with his own game it would seem. In an interview recently he admitted that the game was not perfect and did have some problems; specifically addressing how linear the game was.

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Micro_Sony2349d ago

Problems.....if it only had problems that would not be so bad.

This game was utter crap and its the first FF game that I never finished.

Lost Odyssey felt more like a FF game than this BS.

potedude2349d ago

"Because the game was very story-driven, I think the problem was that it was quite linear. There could have been more opportunities for world exploration."

I think that ^ was my main problem. I liked some of the characters, loved the graphics and don't mind a bit of Japanese cheese once in a while. Just being able to do something off to the side would have made all of the difference...

taijutsu3632349d ago

Yeah i couldnt agree more before i played 13 i wa splaying 12 on the ps2 that had SO many side missions and quests I couldnt tell what was the story!!

Godmars2902349d ago

I find myself in such a state over this subject that I feel no real need to comment.

Mostly because I wouldn't be allowed to use that kind of language...