Battlefield 3 List of Issues and Tweaks Confirmed to be Looked Into by DICE

MP1st - Ian Torny, Battlefield 3′s Community Manager, highlights some of the problems and tweaks DICE is currently working on.

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Majin-vegeta2465d ago

Yes i hate the jet shaking crap yesterday i died about 5 times from that crap glad Dice is looking into it.

SITH2465d ago

That aircraft ceiling sucks, although I have a few kills from stuck people. Easy prey when you can barely move.

PhantomT14122465d ago

Easy prey nonetheless. The jet is so underpowered when you've got nothing at the beginning, I've yet to unlock my flares...

arjman2465d ago

I hope they fix the mobile AA, eveytime they shoot at my scout heli or attack heli the force of the bullets start flipping my heli over

Tachyon_Nova2465d ago

What is taking them so long? The games been out for 3 weeks and nothing has been fixed yet...

cyborg69712464d ago

The patch will be massive covering multiple issues, that will cover a broad stroke. Rather than giving a bunch of little ones. Sony and MS have to test and certify them. That is why.

Tachyon_Nova2464d ago

Nobody has to test and certify on PC though do they?