IMDb confirms Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto V

As we all know, Albert De Silva is in GTA V voiced by Ned Luke. Now IMDB confirms Niko Bellic is in GTA V too voiced by the same actor as GTA IV, Michael Hollick!

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Bounkass2437d ago

This is great news if you ask me! I wonder if he will be a playable character?

WhiteLightning2437d ago

Not really....he was a bland and boring main character.

He has nothing on CJ, Tommy and hell, even mute Claude.

I found Roman was more interesting then him and thats saying something.

TheFallenAngel2437d ago

CJ was not that good neither. Tommy was the best.

Sugreev20012437d ago

While I agree he was no better than either CJ or Tommy,he is still a great character.In my opinion,the best protagonist in the GTA IV trilogy was Luis Lopez.

TheEatingVodka2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Yeah.. so a character that actually talks and interacts with things in the story is more boring than a mute one right? smh

Coffin872437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

WHAT?? I loved Niko.
I liked him the first time I layed eyes on him in the Debut trailer.
I loved his accent, his dreams that didn't come true, his past that was haunting him, the way he dealt with it ...

Sure, Tommy Vercetti was still more awesome, but hands down, he was the most awesome psychopath that R* has ever created.
Edit: I think Niko had the deepest personality yet for a GTA main character.

sofocado2437d ago

I think Niko Bellic was the best. I also wonder if we get to play as him at some time.

StraightPath2436d ago

Niko was awesome dont know where you coming from buddy..Niko the most developed character of them all.

BitbyDeath2436d ago

I love Niko as well, he needs to go out with a bang, literally. I'd also settle for torture.

badz1492436d ago

NO! JUST NO! if yes, then another boring GTA confirmed! :-(

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Micro_Sony2437d ago

You can debunk this rumor as Micheal Hollick said that he was screwed over by R* by getting minnimum wage for his work and the game made millions - he said that he will be not working for R* agin unless the uop his pay.

Fez2437d ago

Didn't Ray Liotta say the same? He got shafted cos he didn't realise how big Vice City was gonna be. Must be quite annoying when you're the main character in a GTA game and don't get paid fairly.

On the other hand, these actors are loaded anyway!

IronFistChinMi2437d ago

Maybe they did offer him more.

farhad2k82437d ago

I agree with sugreev2001..
Luis Lopez was on par with CJ to me.
His story and character was put really well. Hope to see more of him.

Abriael2436d ago

great news or not, the name has been removed. See here:

DeadManMcCarthy2436d ago

Hurr durr IMDB confirms Niko Bellic is a voice actor hurr durr. If it ain't confirmed by R* then it isn't confirmed at all.

lol @ trusting a freely editable site like IMDB.


anti-fanboy2436d ago

I hope you get to kill him in V. His accent was so fake it was annoying. He is the worst GTA character.

Simon_Brezhnev2436d ago

I agree with you i hope you do get to kill him.

Gantrfaxx2436d ago

That would be great, i'm tired of black gangsta and italian mafia stereotypes.

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MrBeatdown2437d ago

Judging by the Edit button right next to the cast list, I'm guessing any moron with some spare time can edit the list. Plus, why would Rockstar want to bring back the voice of Niko when Rockstar and Hollick had a huge disagreement over what he was paid?

Coffin872436d ago

Funny, the same is being said about Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti).

49erguy2437d ago

Am I the only one who didn't like Niko? Luis and the guy from Lost and Damned were much more interesting IMO. But, when it all comes down to it, all 3 of them can get shelved if Tommy or Carl could make an appearance.

beavis4play2437d ago

agreed. i'm wanting tommy vercetti.

vortis2436d ago

Luis was a boring character archetype in my opinion. His character portrayal was fun and interesting, mostly because of Tony Prince, who I thought really stole the show.

I do agree that I loved Johnny from Lost and Damned...that story arc was spot-on amazing and it seemed like the ending was a bit rushed. I definitely want to play more of their "fighting out of the hole" scenario which seemed to just keep getting worse and worse.

Acquiescence2437d ago

after complaining about the paycheck he got for his role in IV. Anyway, I hope Niko isn't in this new installment too much; dude was far too downcast and angst-ridden for the GTA universe.

Kran2437d ago

IMDB cant ever confirm stuff.

While I'd like him in GTAV, IMDB is mostly ran by users, so anybody could put that up, a staff member thinks its true, and then it gets put up.

There's been a few things that went up on IMDB and turned out to be fake.

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