IGN:Need for Speed: The Run Review

IGN:In the time it's taken Black Box to make Need for Speed: The Run, we've had three other awesome NFS titles from other developers. While that's great for fans, it kind of spoiled Black Box's return to form. Need for Speed: The Run feels like a traditional NFS game, released after the franchise had already redefined itself.

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Hufandpuf1719d ago

I couldn't even beat the demo. The avalanche was overpowered.

princejb1341719d ago

i beat the demo, definitely not a purchase
nfs series has went down hill since most wanted
they should do a underground 3 or most wanted 2

egidem1719d ago

I wish EA focused on better The Burnout series or something...awesome games.

one2thr1719d ago

How about another BLACK

Terarmzar1719d ago

NFS Most wanted is my favorite NFS game.
I wish they would go back to what it really use to be, or just let it die.

zeroreloaded1719d ago BadLanguageShow
rjdofu1719d ago

^^^ not sure if serious.

da_2pacalypse1719d ago

Bodycount was the spiritual successor to black... and look how that turned out... a rushed game that EA wanted to put out before the horde of games -_-

cochise3131719d ago

@ zeroreloaded

You're disgusting. Stop being stupid.

Spitfire_Riggz1719d ago

Need for speed underground definitely

mynameisEvil1719d ago

@ one2thr
There was another Black, at least a spiritual successor. Stuart Black quit the team mid-way through development, but Bodycount's always open to you.

SoapShoes1719d ago

It went downhill after Hot Pursuit 2 with the Underground series. A game known for exotics and cop chases goes ricer? Give me a break!

AdmiralSnake1719d ago


What the hell does black people have to do with the black game ? I'm black myself and have absolutely no relations to the game people were referring to moron.

badz1491719d ago

it screams mediocrity! WTH happen? Hot Pursuit was good and FYI EA, avalanche and NFS just don't fit together!

superrey191718d ago


Your account isn't even a week old and you're already down to 3 bubbles...

nix1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

i think the new NFS: Hot Pursuit should have got around 7 too.. it wasn't that great you know.

Most Wanted indeed was great. i still have vivid memories of the chase scenes down the park... the golf course... the forest. wow.

RedDead1718d ago

That was one of the shi*ist racist jokes i've ever heard

Kurt Russell1718d ago

Dump this franchise, breathe some life into Road Rash!

Gamer19821718d ago

NFS has gone downhill as they pump out 2 every year. We need a new Burnout Paradise instead.

zero_cool1718d ago

You & me both lolz!...I've been waiting for the announcement of nfs underground 3 from eons!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Perjoss1718d ago

"they should do a underground 3 or most wanted 2"

Most Wanted was fantastic, although it has not aged too well so I totally agree on a sequel. But I can't help thinking that the handling on NFS games has become way too Ridge Racer for my liking.

TheDareDevil1718d ago


Bodycount was published by Codemasters. What u talkin bout?

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Hanif-8761719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

The only good Need For Speed Game is NFS: Underground 2 and i'm patiently waiting for the next installment. So whats the progress on NFS: Underground 3 EA?

Faztkiller1719d ago

I agree Underground 2 by far the best imo

SoapShoes1719d ago

Underground series sucked compared to Hot Pursuit and High Stakes. Heck even Porsche Unleashed.

TroySoul1718d ago

It came out 6 years ago. It's called Most Wanted. Ever heard of it?

Knushwood Butt1719d ago

The demo was ass.

I think I lost interest before it was even over.

Shinuz1719d ago

Completely agree with you

egidem1719d ago

I beat the demo. I had mixed feelings about it. I'll be honest, this will be another pass once again.

I honestly don't know how EA keeps on milking the hell out of this franchise, and how on earth they're not getting tired of the milk.

They've tried every genre from arcade, to simulation. But it's like they never settle down.

morkendo1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

THE RUN feel like mostwanted on ice. glad the run have no black list to climb.

The Run feels like a traditional NFS game.

OH REALLY?? if it was TRADITIONAL it would play and feel like HIGH STAKES OR HOTPURSUIT 2 then.

I agree with u egidem i'll pass on this one as well.
8 NFS games i've passed on since HOTPURSUIT 2

IF criterion make hotpursuit 3 hopefully its not injuntion with burnout style DRIFTING AROUND CORNERS.

MastaMold1718d ago

How about NFS Carbon? That was ok too right

R6ex1718d ago

After playing the demo, I won't be buying because the driving itself just simply lack feel. As a driver, I want to get feedback from the bumps of the roads, the screeching rubber, the g-forces of Shift 2 and the authentic feel of GT5 or Forza cars. Sadly, there's none in The Run.

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Acquiescence1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Knew it wouldn't bode well for the final product. Oh well, there's always the next Hot Pursuit game by Criterion in 2012 (hopefully).