First Impressions of CoD: MW3 Hardened Edition | GoozerNation

The publisher of GoozerNation got his hands on the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 and makes the case why it's worth $170 to the hard core fan. For the casual shooter fan that just wants the single player campaign, go ahead and rent it, for all others: get the Hardened Edition.

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sackb0y2446d ago

....worst review of the hardened edition ever. Didn't even really go into unboxing,whats inside, pictures to show whats inside.Just that he got it..

JimmyJames702446d ago

I never claimed that this was a review, just my impressions from last night. In fact, this was published under Opinion. I think everyone knows what is inside and all that. As for a picture, umm, take a look at the upper right corner of your screen... yeah, the picture that shows the steel case, the dog tag, the game disc, the Founder booklet with the codes and the field journal.

2446d ago