Baldur's Gate is Game Developers' All-time Favorite

There have been many arguments over the past decade on why the design, perspective, and scope that were utilized in order to create the original Baldur's Gate are no longer capable of creating a successful title in the modern-day video game industry. People just don't want a party-based, stats-heavy, isometric RPG anymore, right? Well, not according to a new poll of over 1000 game developers that picked Baldur's Gate as their all-time favorite game.

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Tru_Blu2413d ago

The good ole days of games. I played the hell out of BG, they don't make them like that anymore :(

nix2413d ago

wonder if this game is available on mac. this would be one game i would want to play... i searched but looks like the only way to play would be use Parallels/Crossovers.

memots2413d ago

I have to agree this game was so good, its a shame they don't make game that ooze personality and ambiance like this anymore.

I remember starting a second game and creating a character i literally spent 3 hours rolling the dice and counting totals for the best possible combination. I still have my copy

FlashXIII2413d ago

Only ever played the second one but WOOOW it was amazing. They just don't make RPGS as awesome as that anymore :(

chak_2413d ago

dragon age was getting closer, but instead of refinning it they detroyed it for the sequel. Shame.

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