No GTA V release date and graphics are disappointing – Harsh or true?

Product-Reviews writes: Obviously there are clear graphical improvements from GTA IV, just look at the water splash during the jet ski scene for example – it looks fantastic. After so much speculation though that GTA V would be a ‘next-gen’ quality title, are you perhaps a little disappointed in the overall graphics of the game?

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tr00p3r2331d ago

Storyline looks fantastic as usual..but graphics I'd say, 7/10, 8/10? As with other GTA titles though, I dont buy them for the graphics, the gameplay speaks for itself.

TheOneYouHate2331d ago

I'd say let Naugty Dog do the graphics and RockStar can do the rest ;)

tr00p3r2331d ago

That would be one hell of a team right there!

RedDead2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago ) world...whoever made Infamous 2 should. Graphics are good anyway imo

Mr Tretton2331d ago

"I'd say let Naughty Dog..."

Naughty Dog does linear. Doesn't mean they could make an open world game look amazing just because their linear games look good. Heck, who knows what Rockstar could do with their engine if their game was linear. Same with Bethesda.

I'm a big Uncharted fan, but people give it way too much credit for it's graphics, same with God of War III. Linear and scripted, little destruction and lacking many modern graphic effects. Looks nice, but c'mon.

MAJ0R2331d ago

I'm pretty sure U3 would be a disaster if it was open world and didn't have those cinematic moments... so I prefer an action game being linear :)

as for Bethesda, they could learn a thing or two from ND in terms of animations

Dee_912331d ago

I suppose they should just adjust the brightness saturation and gamma like the gta iv enhancer to be good graphics ?
GTAIV Graphics are still great.
GTAIII to San Andreas there wasnt a major graphical improvement . What makes you think there would be here ?

RumbleFish2331d ago

Of course the graphics are disappointing. When it's supposed to run on (now) 7 years old hardware. The only thing they can do is tweak their engine.
Anyway I am pretty convinced that the game will be a masterpiece. They seem to have gotten the message what GTA fans want to play.

sofocado2330d ago

I'd say let Remedy do the graphics and RockStar can do the rest :-)

death2smoochie2330d ago

Put it on the PC and let community modders get their hands on it ;-)

SilentNegotiator2330d ago


The Alan Wake developers? At 960x544, Alan Wake was closer to being standard-definition than HD. And they scrapped the game being open world.

So why would we want Remedy to do the graphics? Because it had some pretty bloom effects? Because it had 4xAA thanks to being nearly Standard Def?

JellyJelly2330d ago

Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire are the best looking open world games ever made. I say let Rockstar handle GTA V.

Biggest2330d ago

I think Infamous 2 is much better looking than RDR. L.A. Noire. . . How does that even look good?

NEW-AGE2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Looks Better Than Saints Row 3 , but the game needs to look like that to handle all the Chaos , imaging piling up 100 Tanks on top of Mount Chillad and pushing them off the edge, the game need to handle the ways they bend n clash and the randomness of where they'll end up and which will be damaged to the point of Causing Explosions, most better looking games dont let you do that let alone get a view of this plus a sprawling city in a fighter jet in the same frame and not end u freezing on you

ProjectVulcan2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I believe the open world game you are all grasping for is Just Cause 2 which is highly impressive on console and stunning on PC. Alright the foliage are sprites but it isn't hugely noticeable that it ruins the look of the game. Very good looking massive world title.

Still i am sure that Rockstar are squeezing these platforms as hard as they can, as long as they don't settle for poor performance then i would be happy. Happier if they do a Pc version day one mind....

morganfell2330d ago

Has the ridiculous, hit-mongering website product reviews ever said anything informative? Ever? Bueller?

NEW-AGE2330d ago

I Wonder if i Drive an Immigration Car , if the Mexican Will Scatter , im Mexican BTW, i Wonder if you Can Own A Pitbull Dog and throw a Tennis Ball in the Train Tracks, i Wonder if You Can Hook up a Tow Truck or Baggage Cart to the Jet Fighter, it would be fun to Drive A Helicoptor with a Huge Magnet and Swoop People up From the Freeway,and Watch them jump out in Horror or Trap Someone in A Pay n Spray and Watch them come out All Green and falling Over

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Drazz2331d ago

Dude must be on a crap PC...

NEW-AGE2330d ago

I Saw A Dog in the Trailer

JohnnyMann4202331d ago

I thought the trailer was F***ing awesome including the graphics.

The FPS and lighting looked above and beyond GTA IV. Also, pause it and look at the amount of cars on screen.

Pretty amazing.

Virus2012331d ago

I agree.

The character models of the people hiking looked similar to those of Eight Days. I remember seeing an article saying that someone who was working on that game went over to R* to work on GTA5.

come_at_me_bro2331d ago

Yeah totally agree. That was actually the most enticing thing about the trailer for me. The graphics were not only a big improvement over other RAGE engine games but the glimpses of the world seemed denser and more detailed too. Thats a huge achievement. Even the outer landscapes put RDR to shame.

Anyone complaining about the graphics (especially since we have no idea how close it is to release) is being kind of a wanker imo.

Undeadwolfy2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

FFS are we really arguing about the graphics from a 2 minute trailer which is barely in HD? We don't even know what platform the trailer's from and its most likely that the trailer was made with a pre-alpha build. Seriously...

Just wait till we see some actual gameplay, then you can start to make some small assumptions.

Btw, this isnt directly aimed at any commentors. Just the authors of the article looking for hits.

iPad2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I like how GTAV looks. It actually looks fun. I don't know if it's just me but blowing stuff up and getting chased by the cops in GTAIV wasn't that fun.

It felt like something was missing.

ATi_Elite2330d ago

The story will be good as always

as far as graphics.........ICENHANCER Mod will take care of that for the PC and i wont speak for the consoles.

phinch2330d ago

tbh it doesnt need "good graphics" san andreas looked piss poor, even at the time, but it was still an amazing game

AliTheBrit4202330d ago

Uncharted 3 - Linear experience, the developers, not you, decide what you see and when - Amazing Visuals

GTA V - Completely open world experience, no loading screens needed between huge bouts of land riddled with dynamic AI and much more going on that a linear third person shooter - Amazing visuals

Am I the only one? who see's its pretty obvious GTA V looking as good as it does is more impressive than Uncharted 3

Zydake2330d ago

i thought the graphics were great and this is just a early build so that means a lot of room for improvement.

and to the writer of the article the guy on the picture is the same bum who found the diamonds that GTA IV revolved around. Im guessing he's back to being a bum cause at the end of the GTA V trailer you see another bum with a similar appearance.

ItsMeAgain2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I think graphics looked very good (meaning for the GTAV trailer).

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Shackdaddy8362331d ago

What are you talking about? Graphics look great.

SJPFTW2331d ago

if this isnt next gen graphics i dont know what is. Look at the lighting, the detail and also the animations. Looks 10x better than red dead. and RDR had awesome graphics

ScytheX32331d ago

but im betting you the graphics were on the PC version, and RDR was console only, there was never a pc version. though the gfx will still be better than GTAIV on consoles for sure.

Mr Tretton2331d ago

"but im betting you the graphics were on the PC version"

Man I do hope GTA V is on PC, day one. Less bugs this time though I hope, or at least patched quickly.

TripleAAARating2331d ago

let's not get ahead of ourselves here it's clearly not ten times" better than Read Dead. RDR was awesome, but I'll say the color pallet is better, and it's not "nex gen" graphics it's "current gen"

kingdavid2331d ago

10x? No way.

Looks like a solid improvement over gta 4 and read dead. That is all.

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iamnsuperman2331d ago

I didn't think the graphics were that bad. My main worry is frame rate (happened to me in GTA4). When it hits the fan I want to make sure my frame rate doesn't drop. Also texture loading (had problems in RDR). I enjoy GTA for what it is. Great story, fun gameplay, massive open world for things to do. As long as it looks good and not a step back from GTA 4 I do not mind.

tr00p3r2331d ago

Wonder if PC will get a version the same time as PS3 and Xbox 360? That was another thing Rockstar missed out. :)