Microsoft Blocking the PS3 Version Caused the Death (and Rebirth) of the MechWarrior Reboot

Many thought that the complete radio silence about the MechWarrior Reboot was due to the dispute with Harmony gold about a Mech shown in the trailer that was clearly coming from the first edition of the MechWarrior/Battletech games, and that was actually copied from one belonged to the Macross series. But the truth was different.

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NYC_Gamer2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

wow,so MS ruined the reboot out of spite.

JoelT2122d ago

It's pretty low, but there are no friends in business.

Aloren2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

It's not even "low", it's common sense. I'm pretty sure they made it clear when they licensed Mechwarrior to that developer that they wouldn't allow a PS3 game... Too bad they couldn't find anyone to publish it though.

NEW-AGE2121d ago

Is this what ive Heard Mech Assault? I need to google this

ChrisW2121d ago

What about Sony Entertainment and Netflix/StarzPlay? Corporations disagree all the time. Especially when concerning similar forms of media. Thus, a dispute between two major console makers is nothing but OBVIOUS!

Gamer19822121d ago

They say hainvg multiple consoles is good for the consumers.. Not in cases like this obviously.

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Godmars2902122d ago

Its not like a 360 version would have sold poorly. Not that I thick I would have bought it on PS3.

Oddly, despite being a mech fan, never been that much into BT.

kevnb2122d ago

it would have most likely sold poorly.

kevnb2122d ago

chances are it would have lost money, just like most of these high cost games do now.

JsonHenry2122d ago

As a long time fan, it becoming a PC exclusive is not what I would call "ruined". However there is always the option later for a port so maybe it isn't all bad news.

Abriael2122d ago

As a long time fan, I would have enjoyed both having the MMO on PC, and the story-driven single player reboot they were working for.

WeedyOne2121d ago

Right, wasnt MechWarrior originally a PC game anyways? I remember playing the old old ones on my pc in the mid 90's. They were pretty cool.

Aloren2120d ago

Even if there's a port, it still wouldn't come out on PS3 though.

r1sh122122d ago

thats good business.
Its ethically quite bad, but its business.

MrBeatdown2122d ago

Not sure why you think it's good business. Microsoft screwed themselves out of a game. A multiplatform game would have made Microsoft more money than no game at all.

rdgneoz32121d ago

Making no money at all just so your opponent can't make any money, still means you made no money at all...

If they wanted to block the PS3 version, the better business idea would have been publishing it themselves and promote it.

r1sh122121d ago

If MS didnt publish the game then they wouldnt be making money anyway.

Marquis_de_Sade2121d ago

r1sh12, no, MS (and Sony) receive royalties from publishers for every game sold on their platform, so they would have still made money even if the game went multiplatform and they weren't publishing.

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morkendo2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

so, let me get this right. MS bought RARE and others to block sony so in future SONY would not do this to them???
thats pretty low.

MS try blocking greed and expand your wealth.

theEx1Le2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

You start by saying "let me get this right" and still manage to spout complete jibberish, smh. MS owns the Mech IP, the can do whatever they want with it! And its obvious to everyone, even the author (even though he denies it in the comments section of his site) that MS will not allow one of their IP's on a different platform. Would Sony let MS have Uncharted? NO. Flamebait all over the place in here.

palaeomerus2121d ago

MS bought FASA Interactive way back and thus owns the rights to Battletech in video games. They licensed it to 'Smith and Tinker' (Jordan Wiseman's company, Jordan Wiseman founded FASA) who hired Piranha to make a video game with them.

MS OWNS the video game IP. It's theirs. Deal with it. They don't want a competitor to use it. They consider it to be an exclusive in the console space. It's no different than Halo, Fable, Project Gotham, Forza, Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, Gran Tourismo, or Little Big Planet.

The pen and paper, board game, card game, and miniature rights are still owned by Topps who license it out to Catalyst Labs who make the Classic Battletech board game.

Marquis_de_Sade2121d ago

That such an idiotic statement as yours has actually received agrees is beyond me, morkendo.

gamingdroid2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Wow... would you say the same if Nintendo said, we don't allow Mario on PS3? What about if Sony said we don't allow Uncharted on Xbox 360?

Oh, wait! They DO!

If it is MS franchise, why would they allow it on a competing platform. That's common sense 101!!!

Talk about being either really dumb or being a fanboy. For your sake, I hope it is the latter!

RedDead2121d ago

Fanboys are worse than Dumb people imo

Legion2121d ago

What does spite have to do with it? MS owns the rights to MechWarrior. No different then you not seeing a Halo game on PS3 or a God of War game on Xbox 360. Are you angry that Zelda isn't coming to PS3 either??

miyamoto2121d ago

How about the slow death of video gaming industry.

papashango2121d ago

sony is blocking 360 gamers from having franchises such as uncharted or god of war. Greedy bastards

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SuperSaiyan42122d ago

Mechwarrior/Mechassault was a Microsoft Games Studios game and was exclusive to the Xbox so I dont get where this was supposed to ruin Sony's chance of getting it.

Abriael2122d ago

MechWarrior has been a pen and paper RPG/tabletop wargame franchise a whole lot of time before it happened to become a video game :D

darthv722122d ago

you are partially right. Mechassault was a MS game but the Mechwarrior nomenclature exceeds that. It all takes place in the "battle-tech" universe.

If anything, MS should have just focused on rebooting their own Mechassault series instead of blocking the use of anything mech related. Then again it is like EA blocking other companies from making a licensed NFL game.

Underhanded and low but a business move that proved advantageous for EA and the NFL.

sxbrady2121d ago

You mean fake gaming ok!

DeadlyFire2121d ago

Well MS can't block Hawken.

nondecaf2122d ago

Not to discredit your statement,do you have proof they were exclusive with Microsoft because reading the article they never mentioned any allegiance with them.

Chaoshead2122d ago