How to Misunderstand Uncharted 3 (and Still Enjoy It)

PC World: I reject for choice-related reasons that the Uncharted series has settled for contrivance, or that its focus on propelling me forward, as a player, is artifice in lieu of artistry. These games aren't obstacle courses, they're games of exploration and puzzle-solving punctuated by more than competent third-person gunplay. Quibble about the opponent A.I., the quality of the puzzles, the necessity of the set pieces, or the banality of the environs all you like, but check the false dichotomies at the door.

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disturbing_flame2307d ago

How to enjoy an exclusive game on an other system when you are that system's hater ? (it works for all platforms)

I think this should be the question people needs to ask themselves sometimes.

They would mostly more enjoy things and take what video games have to offer.

sirdrake2307d ago

The author likes big words.

BlackPrince 422307d ago

Extremely well written article. Excellent counterpoint to Eurogamer's review.