Interview: David Silverman of Bioware Talks About the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Joel Taveras of interviews David Silverman of Bioware about the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

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TheXgamerLive2398d ago

Not every popular franchise has to have MP added to it.

Add more to the SP experience or if anything else maybe coop "only". Not mp though.

Not needed not wanted probably by most real ME lovers.

Abriael2398d ago

I'm a real ME lover (ME 1 more than 2 actually), and I want it. Now, if it was the usual competitive mess, no thanks. But Co-op is perfectly appropriate.

It's always better to talk for yourself instead of taking up the podium and talking for "real ME lovers" :D

TheXgamerLive2398d ago

guess you didn't pay attention to what i said did you. I said if anything coop would be fine but not mp.

And of my large number of friends I spoke to about this on LIVE none wanted mp on here.

But yes this was just my opinion

Abriael2398d ago

@XGamer: Well, then you'll be happy. The ME3 multiplayer is Co-op only. There's no competitive multiplayer whatsoever :D

Tilian2398d ago

Just watched the Bioware TV spot on this at Eurogamer. If I heard Casey Hudson correctly, the single player ending will be more "complete" with the multiplayer.

To me, this sounds like the single player campaign WILL in fact thus suffer (scaled back somehow) if you don't use the multiplayer. ME3 just keeps getting worse and worse to me.

HardCover2398d ago

How is it any different than getting ME2 DLC?

I didn't pay for that, and my single player experience suffered because of it.

Abriael2398d ago

They said pretty clearly that the multiplayer helps in getting the perfect ending of the game, but it's not mandatory.

And it does complement the single player, in a way completes it, but no, the single player campaign won't suffer if you don't play the multiplayer.

You're gonna miss out, because it's good, but that's your choice.

TheXgamerLive2398d ago

That's just BS, it will make the sp experience better?
This is not a MP style game, coop yes would be fun, but mp, nope. Filler.
Their trying to get a larger audience b/c of the love many have for fps. Filler.

I hope they can blend it and make it worth playing.

TheOtherTheoG2397d ago

Again, XGamer, if you'd listen, it is co-op only, there is no competitive aspect to it whatsoever.