Nolan North Explains Why Uncharted Isn't Multiplatform, Comments On Next Generation Uncharted

GB: "Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the biggest games of 2011. If you are a PlayStation 3 owner and if you are not planning to pick up a copy of Nathan Drake’s next crazy adventure, I suggest you should take a look at some of the scores it is getting from various respected publications."

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remanutd552489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

feb 22nd Uncharted will become a multiplatform franchise in NA, cant wait !!!! lol

lociefer2489d ago

man, these 4 days are really dragging

buddymagoo2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

If I was Nolan North and was asked that question my reply would be "why don't you own a PS3?"

Remanutd means it will also be on the PSV.

deus_ex2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

LOL, his reason has FAIL written all over it. Its not because Xbox 360 or PC aren't powerful enough, its because Sony Corp owns them.

But the question was even more stupid..

StanLee2489d ago

@ deus_ex

He's a voice actor. He's just repeating the silly jargon fed to him. Of course the reason, first and foremost is, Sony owns Naughty Dog.

IrishAssa2489d ago's not because Sony owns them or anything..

NukaCola2488d ago

Uncharted is a Sony IP and that is the end of that.

If you want Epic Nolan North, Assassin's Creed is coming out right after UC3 and you'll get a bit of Nolanistic awesomeness there.

cjflora2488d ago

I personally believe that the PS3 architecture does provide advantages that let developers take the edge in graphics over competitors this generation. It's pretty evident with the quality of recent games. However, I really don't think we need a voice actor trying to explain this because he clearly doesn't understand it.

I mean, he even mentioned the "next generation PS3". There will be no next gen PS3. Next gen Playstation yes, but he doesn't even seem to understand that the overall product is not called PS3. He sounds like a grand parent.

"How do you like your Nintendo, Billy?"

"Grandpa, it's not a Nintendo. It's a Playstation. Not all of them are called Nintendos."

MaxXAttaxX2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

He didn't say anything about PC.
He may have been referring to 360(and Wii) as they're usually the main competing three.

deus_ex2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

^ In case you don't know, multiplatform includes 2 or more which means he could be referring to anything. Probably PC and Xbox 360. I think Wii would be the last thing on his mind...

MaxXAttaxX2488d ago

Right... but he's not a developer and he does have a Wii.

Basically Uncharted was designed to work specifically with PS3 hardware.

deus_ex2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

^Because.... they have no other option! Naughty Dog is owned by Sony for christ's sake. His personal Wii can't help him :P

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extermin8or2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

obviously the pc could play uncharted if it had the specs needed, the 360 I'm not so sure; it has some great looking games with good physics but none that really match uncharted's fidelity alongside the physics...
But obviously the main reason is because SONY own the studio and the IP lol

gamingdroid2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Not seeing it, doesn't mean impossible.

When you engineer an exclusive game, it's kind of obvious it won't work well on other platforms especially something as different as the PS3 architecture.

If you look at the games released, exclusive or not, practically you will find games on each platform that are about on par.

I think artistic direction is far more important to the gaming experience and perceived graphics than polygon count and other BS.

That said, Uncharted 3 is shaping up to be among the best games out there. Hat's off for Naughty Dog.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32488d ago

What type of physics is UC using that other games aren't?

GameSpawn2488d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

It's not what Uncharted is using that makes it impossible on other platforms. It is the method to which things are being pulled off.

Naughty Dog are making as much efficient use of the Cell/RSX architecture as possible to achieve things that just do not directly translate to other CPU/GPU architectures.

Can ANYTHING of this level be achieved on other platforms?
Can it be achieved with the same exact methods and tricks?

Whenever you begin developing down to the lowest level of a system's architecture any methods you use to pull off your goals become unique to that platform and that platform alone, because other architectures will be missing very key components to running your code as intended.

To put it simply, it's like trying to run unleaded gas (code) in a diesel engine (architecture). You might have a slight chance of getting something running if you don't blow everything up, but it wasn't really intended to be run in that way.

gamingdroid2488d ago

I guess my point is, why do we care what technique they use if the results are more or less the same?

Practical results are what matters, not how you do it.

extermin8or2488d ago

It wasn't that those physics can't be done on the 360 I was merely stating that I had not seen a game on the 360 with graphics equal to uncharted 3 AND the complicated physics etc they have going on simultaneously.. (i.e: the fire burning in real time, the boat etc etc) besides the textures etc would test the DVD I'm sure if nothing else.

kevnb2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

uncharted could work on 360, it looks good mostly because of amazing art style. They would need a few disks to get all those cut scenes in though.

baodeus2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )


Have u played Far Cry 2 running on x360? That is real time fire. UC3 physics is definetly not as complicated as dynamic game like Far Cry 2 for example, which can be played on consoles.

I'll bet u anything that if you play UC3 again going into the burning building, the fire pattern will just be the same (try it and see for yourself once the game is out, i'm not lying). Just like if you jump on to a hanging ledge that fall the first time, it will still fall the next 100 times u played it. UC games have the appearance of "dynamic" environment, but it actually isn't.

The water in Crysis 2/Crysis 1 (while not as dramatic looking as UC3, more like a visual thing), they do have physical properties and looking quite realistic. Try to shoot it, or throw anything into it, and water will react appropriatedly based on the object physical properties.

These set pieces in UC3 are running in realtime, but they are preset value (not dynamic), and definetly not as complicated as Far Cry 2 physics or games where true dynamic aspects are concerned. They are still nice eye candy and artistic set pieces though.

extermin8or2488d ago

all I'm going on is what naughty dog have said: that the fire burns differently everytime, or that the waves are generated randomly so the boat will move differently and effect your play differently every time if they are lying or twisting the truth then how am I to know lol...

baodeus2488d ago

so for those that disagree, care to answer these few questions?

1. u think the fire going to spread anywhere else, forcing u to find a different path everytime? Like instead of shooting the wooden bar to open a path in the wall, can u run through another exist since the fire pattern gonna change next time u played?

2. Are there many different paths that you can take, or only one way forward?

3. Are those ledges not gonna fall the next time u jump on them?

4. Can you experiment with what you can do to the environment (like setting things on fire and see how it react?)

again, it have the feel of dynamic environment, but it actually isn't. How can u say the physics in UC is more sophisticated than Far Cry 2? U created your own fire and see how it spread different depending on environment factors for example. Things changes everytime u play in Far cry 2, it isn't the same in UC case, and that is the truth definition of dynamic.

And for once, i'm talking about physic here, not ditching on UC because i do love UC series too.

kikizoo2488d ago

exactly, pure logic : if you don't see a single game on par with uncharted 2 (not even 3), with a easiest hardware for devs, it's becazuse they can't do it ! simple fact.

and it's obvisous since cell is way more powerfull than xbox cpu, like every devs said in 2007 : if you are able to optimised games for ps3 = no competition, but it's not easy.

_Aarix_2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Ps3 and xbox have some of the closest hardware power in many generation. There are many talented developers that can optimize it for the 360 pretty well. I'm not saying it'll look as good but it wont look like a pos either. But it should be on the ps3 and Psv where it has a nice home.

BinaryMind2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Really? Are we seriously arguing about "real-time fire." Who cares? Next we are going to be arguing about which game has the most realistic rocks...

extermin8or2488d ago

I'm not saying it's physics are better than farcry... no one but you has mentioned farcry 2 until now and farcry's lighting may be better than uncharted 2's but it doesn't have the graphics, polygon count etc etc that uncharted 2/3 have, as someone else here has said I haven't seena a game on consoles that matches uncharted 2s visuals consistently, and maintaints all the other things that are happening in real time... at least not on the xbox so therefore i'd assume it can't quite d it because the ps3 is more powerful;no matter how big/small that gap may be it's there and the only game to come close was alan wake I think but it had a tiny draw distance, dark colours etc however I'm sure it was a god game and I would've bought it had it been on ps3- the poor sales are their own fault on that but yes on consoles nothign really quite matches uncharteds graphics whilst maintaining eveything else

TheDivine2488d ago

Uncharted 1, 2 , and 3 could be done on pc and the 360. They got metro 2033, the witcher 2, crysis/crysis 2 running on a 360, uncharted is more scripted, linear, and has no destruction or physics other than throwing a propane tank.

Saying any ps3 game cant be done on 360 is like saying arkham city cant run on a nvidea card only on an amd card when they are the same power.

inveni02488d ago

Some things are scripted, you're right. But the most important things aren't. For instance, the reason ND put the cruise ship on procedural ocean waves was because they wanted the player to have a different experience each time they played. The reason the airplane has all of the cargo as moving, dynamic pieces is because they didn't want you to learn a path for what you could use cover for and when. They want each attempt at the plane level to be different, and it always will be. It may end the same way (by all of the cargo forcing you out the back), but that's necessary to get you to the next point of the story. The same with the fire in the chateau. In most places, it's not scripted. The cover is destructible, too. But when they want you to make your way down a certain path, they script those things.

ND does a flawless job of blending the two types of gameplay, and that's what keeps it feeling so fresh. It's why you can play Uncharted several times and have it feel fresh each time you play.

DaTruth2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I can't believe we're still arguing about something that was settled so long ago!

One console has better graphics than another console because the one console 'HAS' games with better graphics than the other console!

That other console had five years and is easier to program for; if it could, it would have by now!

baodeus2487d ago


1. The cruise ship would still be swinging back and forth (in a different pattern as it may) the next time u play correct? but how would that create a different experience the next time u played when all it does is just rock back and forth?

2. What is the purpose of the rocking ship in the first place? it isn't to make u feel like u are actually in a big storm in the middle of the ocean which u should have experiences from the first play through no?

3. Is the placement of the enemies different, will the weather be different the next time u play, will it not sink/flooded if you do something different, what if you didn't catch that plane, etc...?

Are there any physics involve that would change the dynamic aspect of the game as a whole (not just little things)?

The little things (not most important thing as you mention) may be random, but everything as a whole have a specific path to drive the story, which is fitting for a linear, well scripted story game like UC (ND also mention about their approach for UC recently compare to other games like RDR, GTA, Fall out respond to eurogamer 8/10 rating).

The "EXPERIENCEs" OR "WOW" factors, the important things that you should have mention, however doesn't change the next time u played. There will still be storm, still rocking back and foth, still same cargo boxes falling out,e tc... the experiences is the same.

The only thing that i would say might change a little is the melee mechanic (depends on where your enemies is at), but that have been done over and over already (splinter cell conviction or even fable2 for example)

To say UC is dynamic and helps create a different experience everytime u play, is tottally BS. This is not an open world game that let u explore things, take a different path, make different decision, or toy with the environment/ai as it dynamically changes around u. U are strap into a roller coaster for a ride of your life, but if you go on it the second time, that fell is lost.

Like i said, UC has the look of a dynamic gameplay, but it isn't because the experiences doesn't change. It is strictly a linear story driven game like a perfectly working roller coaster ride (it doesn't stop, it doesn't break, it doesn't fly off the rail, etc....of course u would be dead, but that would be a different experience now would it?)

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GoldenPheasant2489d ago

oh yous! funny mans! ^__^

Sony better let us play PS2 classics off of PSN on the PSV.

Etseix2488d ago

i think they already confirmed that they will have some ps3 collection port to the Vita, someone mind prooving me wrong?

remanutd552489d ago

omg why i got so many disagrees , i just said the truth , Uncharted will be released on the playstation vita so it will no longer be a playstation 3 franchise

geddesmond2489d ago

I think the people who disagreed with you never thought you meant the PSV. You should have have said that in your comment if you where worried about disagrees

remanutd552489d ago

never thought they would disagreed for something so obvious

NeoBasch2489d ago

N4G's fickle. Don't let it worry you. I guarantee no one here thought about it for longer than 5 seconds.

inveni02489d ago

I knew what you meant the second I read "Feb. 22nd".

HardCover2488d ago

"never thought they would disagreed for something so obvious "

Welcome to N4G.

evrfighter2488d ago Show
Silly gameAr2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I agreed with you remanutd55 because I got the joke.

But, you shouldn't let disagrees get to you.

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nycredude2489d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Hahaha no one got that! Vita people vita releases on the 22 of feb!

Death to smoochie

I have to disagree with your assesssment that battlefield 2 witcher and Crysis one and two look better than uncharted 3. They may be technically better and have higher resolution but Uncharted overall looks better because of the art direction and the amazing texture streaming. Take battlefield 3 for instance. there are low res textures everywhere. I play it on max on my pc and i can clearly see it.

jc485732488d ago

isn't the studio part of the Sony family? why would they even talk about this?

MsclMexican2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Guy's really.... he does not know all the technical jargon that is fed to us everyday in the gaming world. He's an actor... and one of the best. He has even said that he has no clue how ND makes him and the rest of the cast look good. He knows what is going to happen in the game and the design process that is why he feels it could only work on PS3, he does not know about Ip's and all that other stuff. He brings great characters to life, he is not DICE, Cliffy B or David Jaffe...

He is Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles, Deadpool, The Penguin and many others... and that is why he is awesome

WitWolfy2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

To all the noobs that dont know any better here is the only thing to look out for when KNOWING a game wont go multiplat if its currently exclusive to your console of choice.

Mass Effect 1
Gears series
Halo series
Fable series
Forza series
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
ect ect ect

Infamous series
Killzone series
Gran Turismo series
Resistance series
ect ect ect

My point is. WHEN you see the capital letter texts i've quoted it will NEVER EVER go multiplat.... EVER!(except for Microsoft studios though, seeing that they re-release some "Xbox exclusives" on PC too. So I don't call it "Xbox exclusives", but "MICROSOFT exclusives").

So PS3 fanboys you got nothing to worry about. Uncharted will never go multiplat, seeing ND is a 1st party studio developer for Sony, and every IP ND or any other Sony in house developer creates is Sony computer entertainment property.

End of discussion!

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Geralt2489d ago ShowReplies(6)
NYC_Gamer2489d ago

well,that studio/franchise is owned by sony.

ironfist922489d ago

Thats what I was thinking. The best Sony could do is release it on PC considering they have done so with DCUniverse and was about to with Agency, but even thats stretching it because those were MMO's developed by an internal developer who specialises in those types of games whereas Naughty Dog is purely console based.

Darrius Cole2489d ago

Sony doesn't own the DC characters.

cee7732488d ago

@Darrius Cole they have the rights to the mmo so they can release it any platform they please

kikizoo2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

not only "The problem is only the PS3’s processor is powerful enough to be able to handle all the information. Naughty Dog pushes that processor to the break, it pushes the PS3 to its limits. "

+ bluray, hd audio, etc

edit : wow look at the agree for the new multiaccount fanboy "ressurection" below, it's incredible to see so much unsecure fanboyz in's obvious, like specs says that cell is not on the same league, and usefull to help the gpu.

Xalaris2488d ago

I think you're the only one here in denial, buddy.

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hot1112489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

"You’d sell 25 million copies if it was multiplatform."


he(interviewer) must be some hardcore basement sdf member