The Scariest Game I've Ever Played: Metroid Fusion

Pop Arma- "While many would list the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Dead Space as their top nominations for “Games Most Likely to Ruin You Underwear”, my pick is a game that comes from Nintendo, the publisher that has a commonly perceived identity of being “kiddy” or exclusively family-friendly. They are the guys who managed to build the scariest game I’ve ever played: Metroid Fusion."

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Venox20082457d ago

my scariest games where Silent hill 2 and 3 and Fatal frame 2 and 4 :) why? you don't need and answer! just play play play those! :)

Rumb13stiltzkin2457d ago

I'd love to play Fatal Frame 4!

...if only it would come out in English!

tunaks12457d ago

theres a fan translation that works on both modded and un-modded wiis.

Venox20082456d ago

there's an English patch..

pr0digyZA2457d ago

My scariest is amnesia, I can only play for 10min at a time. Normally as I play I realize I can't feel my lips because I've held my breath for most of the time, and my whole mouth goes dry. Love it though.

ignorantsonsof_2456d ago

I still remember my heart racing as I tried to hide from SA-X, and then when it spots you in your hiding spot oh my god it was so scary!