DICE to “Possibly” Ban Accounts Using VPN to Gain Early Access to BF3

DICE has drawn the line in the sand regarding PC gamers who are using VPN (Virtual Private Network) techniques to gain early access to Battlefield 3 through EA’s Origin.

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gravemaker2369d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hufandpuf2369d ago

the famous DontBl1nk from Pixelenemy did this, I hope he doesn't get banned. He even tells others how to get into the VPN.

Mister_V2369d ago

Prolly ain't gonna happen! haha.

MerkinMax2369d ago

Yeah and he learned from Battlefieldo. They won't do it... At least I hope not.

lugia 40002369d ago

Nope, im just going on vacation to korea.

They won't ban you because they don't know if youre using it or not.

C_Menz2369d ago

If your account is in the USA along with your CC address then it is pretty easy to tell if you are playing the game when you shouldn't be.

Mister_V2369d ago

Might just be a matter of them deciding whether or not they want to pursue it. Being so close to release, most likely not.

RankFTW2369d ago

I use VPN all the time on Steam and they don't seem to have any problem with this.

gamingdroid2369d ago

That is because Steam doesn't try to screw you over at every single turn.

Steam is consumer friendly, while Origin is NOT!

C_Menz2369d ago

They'll most likely get banned at the very least for a week. The whole reason for Origin/Battlelog is so that EA/Dice can make sure people don't hack/use loopholes in their system.

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The story is too old to be commented.