Press Pause: Double Fine and Professor Layton press events

'Tis the season for press events! On this episode of Press Pause, Host Carlos Rodela and Dan "Shoe" Hsu talk about their sad evening with Professor Layton and the Last Specter at Nintendo's pub-trivia-style party.

They also chat about hanging out at the offices of Double Fine Productions, where they got to check out Kinect babysitting game Happy Action Theater; the new expansion for, I mean, Iron Brigade; as well as re-releases of Costume Quest (PC) and Psychonauts (Mac).

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NagaSotuva2314d ago

I have a friend who listens to death metal every night and plays Once Upon a Monster with his kids during the day.

Sadie21002314d ago

Does he play the music *while* playing Once Upon a Monster?

Tolkoto2314d ago

I kind of worry that Double Fine is gonna keep making Kinect games I won't care about.

THR1LLHOUSE2314d ago

Is it the fact that they're Kinect games that makes you not care, or do you somehow not care about Cookie Monster?