Are Video Games Too Expensive?

Velocity Gamer: My question, no matter how you get your games, is this: Are video games, specifically new releases, too expensive? Do you feel that the price point of $60 is worth however many hours you put into a game?

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Criminal2457d ago

I loled at the featured image.

Xenial2457d ago

Yes, they are. I don't complain as much if the game has the content and quality of a $60 game. It's when the game is only 5 hours long, has terrible game play, and last-gen graphics - then i complain.

x8002457d ago

Are Video Games Too Expensive? yes they are.

Pikajew2457d ago

People who live in America stop complaining. I saw Borderlands a few months ago where I live for 100 usd(converted it) with out the DLC. At least your games are cheaper