DICE: Bad Company Multiplayer Maps "Certainly a Possibility" as Battlefield 3 DLC

AusGamers recently interviewed Battlefield 3 producer, Patrick Liu, and spoke about a number of things, including the potential for Bad Company series multiplayer maps arriving as part of Battlefield 3 DLC.

"Yeah, that’s certainly a possibility," he told AusGamers. "We don’t have anything planned right now, but we’ll see. We’ll get the community feedback and see what people want to play."

The rest of the interview also talks about including 1942's naval ships, co-op bots, PC dedicated server rental and more on potential LAN support.

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Sub4Dis2621d ago

agreed. there is nothing special or memorable about the maps. just make new ones please. i already paid for the bc2 maps when i bought bc2. i don't wanna pay for them again cuz the developers don't wanna invest the time in creating new maps.

malol2621d ago

port Valdez is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiit !!!

if it happens then im sure it'll be for free
just like when they gave us some of the first BC maps for free on BC2 (VIP players only tho)

NewMonday2621d ago

I want:

Cold war
Isla inoccontes
Arcia harbor
Port valdaz

Excuse the spelling :p

CrimsonEngage2621d ago

Maybe not to PC players who never got to play Bad Company 1. It had the best maps ever. End of the Line, Par for the course... good times!

MidnytRain2621d ago

You won't have to pay for them if you don't want to.

Corax2621d ago

Would love to see what the Frostbite 2 engine would look like in the snow. Cold War for me if they don't create something new.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2621d ago

LOL, of course its a possibility. It will cost them almost nothing and take less work and they can charge people again for maps that are already made.

NewMonday2621d ago

They will still have to re-program them for the new engine like they did with the bad company 1 maps in BC2. And also adjust to accommodate gam play changes.

FlashXIII2621d ago

How very call of duty like re-releasing old maps as part of DLC. Hope they don't plan on charging a lot for them. Be nice to see if EA stick to their guns (which they won't).. I'm pretty sure when BC2 came out, they were touting that they'd never charge for extra maps.

gcolley2621d ago

How very call of duty??? haven't played BF before have you?

Tachyon_Nova2621d ago

Agree with the guy above me.

BF2 had at least one map from 1942, 1943 literally was just remade 1942 maps. BC2 got a bunch of maps added from BC1 and BF3 back to karkand is maps from BF2.

gcolley2621d ago

BC1 maps YES
BC2 maps whatever

iamnsuperman2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

No matter how great that would be do not count on it. They would need to be visually upgraded anyway which (for any company) warrants charging for. Gaming is like every other business. How much money can we get out of the consumer with putting less in (i.e. bigger profits)

OT I found the BC maps not that good. There was nothing there too remediable. However, they should do it from a business perspective

BattleAxe2621d ago

Hmmm, BC1 maps as DLC on BC2, and now BF3?......lame

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The story is too old to be commented.