Uncharted 2 vs Uncharted 3 - Multiplayer Graphics Comparison

Flooden Ruins vs Molten Ruins

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NealCaffrey2542d ago

Not much difference graphics wise, but I like uncharted 2's theme of the maps better.


CodMW3,Uncharted3,Gears of war 3...Damn!!! i wonder how im gonna juggle my MultiPlayer online.

dark-hollow2541d ago

Ditch mw3 and it'll be easier d:

Virus2012541d ago

Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Batman AC, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, COD MW3, WWE 12, Saints Row The Third, Demon's Souls (just bought it today and playing before I buy Dark Souls, and maybe AC Revelations..... I wonder how I'm going to juggle my games. lol


I want Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Resistance 3, BF3 and Deus EX Human Revolution. Not to mention Skyrim, WKC2, R&C All4One and AC:Revelations, but those I have already decided on passing, even through I really want to test them at some point.

Even so I'll probably only take more one or two games this year and everything else will have to wait... So I'll probably get Uncharted 3 and BF3, I think whis will give me enough replay value to fill the time.

It was a hard call to ignore so many good games, but I got the chance to travel with my family this month so I'm grabbing it, we're going fishing! Pitty the chance didn't came at the best time and I have to make some restrictions, but I think it'll be worth.

jdfoster2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

You may know this already but these maps (highrise/molten ruins) Won't be included in the retail version of the game (may come later as dlc though) and, at this moment in time, are exclusive to this beta/subway multiplayer experience.

59Martins592541d ago

Agreed, the colours are much better in U2 IMO.

The graphics are much better in U3, you can't notice it here but with 2 screens side by side you would see the detail. Here you can only see the detail in the distance,, which is much better.

cobblestone192541d ago

I think both look better in Uncharted 3 in a artistic and technical sense.

PG77772540d ago

Get your eyes checked. U3 MP is definitely a step above U2 MP visuals.

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smashcrashbash2541d ago

Question for anyone playing the Molten Ruins. Is it more hazardous or does it just look different? Because it would be cool if the volcano cause some sort of hazard that changed the gameplay even if it was simply ashes flying around obscuring your vision

Eoure2541d ago

Sadly no, I was expecting something like that, but it turned out to be a recycled map with lava instead of grass.

Not to mention I hated every single map from Uncharted 2 DLC's. Please god I hope they didn't reuse the museum too. WORST MAP EVER, Camp+Snipe=Win...

smashcrashbash2541d ago

Are you kidding? Where could you camp in the museum without the other team raining grenades down on your head? Please enlighten me.

cemelc2541d ago

Dude what are you talking about museum was camper heaven in U2. Yeah you can trow grenades but that doesnt mean they will grant you a kill.

Eoure2541d ago

Is it just me? or does it looks (from this pictures anyways) that the textures are better on the Uncharted 2 version?

dark-hollow2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

No its not.
because its a different theme and different lighting.

EDIT: SHIT I've forgot to copy the link for the image and I thought I copy it and pasted a link for a pornographic video instead X_X

In the second pic you can see uncharted 3 has better textures.

JANF2541d ago

both look almost the same.

solidworm2541d ago

Yes U2,s flooded ruins was graphically better.

MaxXAttaxX2541d ago

Hmm not in texture and details it's not.

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