RAGE Review: id's Triumphant Return? Or AveRAGE? []

Dealspwn writes: "RAGE isn't an unassailable return to dominance for one of gaming's most respected development titans... but it is a remarkably solid and brilliantly visceral shooter that delivers a whole mess of brutal gunplay. The addition of vehicles also gels with the experience surprisingly well. Sadly, some bizarre gameplay features and plenty of needless obtrusive busywork mar what should have been one of this year's most important titles."

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JsonHenry2503d ago

Yeah, average. I feel really let down by not just the game but the "megatextures" promise of next gen graphics. Although, on the 360 it does look better than I thought it would. But my PC just laughs at it compared to Crysis 2 high rez+DX11 and BF3. :/

Boody-Bandit2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

After completing the game all the way through, running into various bugs and glitches, weak story, bad ending, abysmal last mission, graphical issues, and what felt like a rush to the market once you reach halfway point of this game? I feel a 7 is justified.

This game lacks polish and screams for developers to hire testers to take their games through their paces for releasing them to the public.

This game had the potential to one of the best game I have played this generation, if not of all time. Instead it turned out to be another in a long line games falling way short of the preconceived hype.

Tarantino_Life2503d ago

Horrible game. Id has lost it.

omi25p2503d ago

i liked it. But it was pretty AdveRage

elshadi2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

carmack promise us that rage will be the best gfx on consoles and pc
and it was a huge let down for every one
with (all the pop in - ps2 textures - bad framerate ..etc)

the story sucks big time
alot of problems with game makes me wonder
what was he doing all those years with this game

and he hyped his game to the moon
he deserve that this game flopped

i will never trust this guy again
and i canceled my pre order
"F" you ID & Carmack