Blistered Thumbs Forza Motorsport 4 Review

"If someone had asked me 5 years ago which games I dislike the most, I would have said racing games. This, I won’t lie, is because I sucked at them. Give me Burnout and I’ll come in first having destroyed the competition, but give me Gran Turismo and I’ll smash into every physical object on the course. Then, when the 360 launched, there were hardly any games available and when I saw PGR3 on the shelf, I thought “It’s time to change”. From here on out, I dedicated a lot of my time to getting better at racing games, asking friends for advice along the way. Now, I would call myself competent, perhaps better than average. So when Forza 4 arrived at my door, I jumped at the chance to put my skills to the test in a series that, until now, I had never played."

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