New Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Update Is Live, Stopping Power Returns

TheParanoidGamer: "A new Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Update is now live and ready to download. Here’s a list of some of the few changes Naughty Dog has made to the multiplayer portion of the game."

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Criminal2424d ago

"We will continue to play along with you and will be listening on the forums and the Naughty Dog Twitter to address any further concerns that may arise."
I'm glad they're addressing while the early access is going. This way they can even test the tweaks.

-Alpha2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

The biggest issue has been fixed. No more games resulting in sprint/blindfire/melee nonsense.

All I want now are the full boosters, weapons, and medal kickbacks to test the rest of the balance.

Nitrowolf22424d ago

awesome!! Well you played it already then right? Glad they increased the RPG medal to. It gets really annoying seeing so many of them fast. 10 Medals will just take a little bit longer.

LOGICWINS2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

@Alpha-Is the game back to the way the original beta was? Please let me know.

"Comments have been made about the increased effectiveness of run and gun, but the accuracy has actually been reduced since the Beta. The removal of stopping power is what created this perception. So the old Spray n’ Pray remains true to the phrase. So aside from the turn radius of the sprint, your gameplay experience should be a lot closer to how it was during the Late June/July multiplayer beta."

Nice save Naughty Dog. Nice save :) I KNEW that there was something wrong with the accuracy! I was owning in the June beta, but my reticle was going nuts in this new beta.

Nitrowolf22424d ago

man I am so glad they fixed it then. I'm not home, but i can't wait to test it out again

HeavenlySnipes2424d ago

They fixed it just for him lol

LOGICWINS2424d ago

I think they heard my cries and screams lol.

smashcrashbash2424d ago

That's good.It will make it easier to catch and/or shoot people. And with the medal increase and only one shot per RPG it is now less advantageous to spawn one.

Longsama2424d ago

Major Respect to Naughty Dog 4 taking care of everything i was worried about....looks like I can comfortably use my Ak once again ^_^

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