8.0 Reviews Child of Eden

TerminalGamer writes: In this age of shooters, where games are hell bent on death and destruction, is there room for a change of pace? Can we return to a peaceful and tranquil place of vibrant colors and soothing music? Can Child of Eden carve out its own niche in this current violent landscape? Read our review to find out.

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TerminalGamer2507d ago

Seems like it might be better as a downloadable title rather than a disc based game.

Information Minister2507d ago

Yes, but not when the digital copy and the disc based copy retail for the same price, like they currently do on the PS3. Downloadable versions of games should be cheaper, considering there are no packaging and distribution costs or a physical retailer to take part of the profit.

And they say that digital downloads are the future...

ftwrthtx2507d ago

Totally agree. Downloadable titles should not be the same price as a hard copy. Downloadable titles have very little retail overhead and the price should reflect that.

kc_chang2507d ago

Looks like a good title to kill some time.