How to actually enjoy Dark Souls: a gameplay primer

OXM UK: "It's the toughest game on Xbox 360, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare."

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Hellsvacancy2507d ago

How to actually enjoy Dark Souls? missed the bit about playin it in a dark room with a big reefa (and maybe a cup of tea)

1 more day of waitin.....

dirigiblebill2507d ago

I can't imagine a worse game to play under the influence. Your heart would stop the second you meet the Asylum Demon.

A-Glorious-Dawn2507d ago

Oh yes, this is what I will be doing come Friday...

DaThreats2507d ago

360 version
Demon Souls wnt be happy

Arnagrim2507d ago

Not going to lie; after playing the hell out of Demons Souls I went into this game thinking there was nothing I wouldn't be prepared for believing I had experienced all the usual tricks that get you killed...
I was horribly mistaken.

DarkMantrid2507d ago

Thats exactly the feeling ive been having. Still cant shake the feeling either. I guess come tomorrow i might change my mind.

PrinterMan2507d ago

One of the Best Articles I have ever read here. Well done Author!

PrinterMan2507d ago

Played the hell out of Demons Souls but never finished the entire thing. I'd just keep starting another character type. I would say I was 80% done. Dark Souls! I am not ready but I am willing, :)

pr0digyZA2507d ago

Lol same, I have 3 or 4 characters that havn't finished. I really suck even if I go slow. Still picking up on Friday though.