P.O.D.cast: After Dark – Episode 2

Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes:

"Welcome to the first installment of the After Dark PODcast! This is where we have free rein to talk about whatever we want for as long as we want. Unlike the normal PODcast, which is well-structured and focuses almost entirely on video games, the After Dark PODcast has no such limitations. Pretty much everything our nerd-hearts have ever loved is fair game. In the future, it might also be home to some behind-the-scenes action as we prepare for the normal show and discuss site business. It’ll be like “Inside Baseball,” but “baseball” will be replaced with alternative games journalism.

Some of the topics we tackle this week include Dragon Ball Z, Mirror’s Edge 2, Fruit Ninja arcade machines, and the Brito-American cultural divide on what to call backpacks. Plus, we take more of your questions which we didn’t have time for in the regular show. Enjoy and subscribe!"

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