Nvidia ships special GPU driver for BF3 Beta

Nvidia in Germany now revealed they would ship a special GPU driver for its GeForce-series when EA releases the Battlefield 3 beta. The driver will max out DX11 features like tessellation and shall bring you a small performance boost.

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hiredhelp2369d ago

Awsome news been waiting for more info since the first alpha trial.
Unfortunatly im buying retail copy, my moh was on ps3 witch now sold. So roll on end october.
Cheers dice. Cant help but wonder about radion card's

RedDead20672369d ago

It's an OPEN beta.

Everyone can play the Beta in September.

The Medal on Honour thing only means 48 hours early access.

hiredhelp2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Hope your right. Cos been on thete site. Stated for moh and pre order origins.
But thats thing not just me dice hasnt made that exactly clear.
Thx for that man :)

As for many of you hating origin, is it cos steam not getting it. Im curious?

Whats with the crack man. I keep getting messages from you witch links to intel cpu's .....? But then i read this bitching from you on here callm down. Nobody said you have to play bf3 dude.

just_looken2369d ago

was is this big news? nividia has done this lots of times in the past with games dice should be doing this not nividia but im glad once again nvidia is stepping up making sure another pc gmae actually does what it's suppose to do and makes sure the game performs better.To bad pc user got shafted with the pos orign bs i will never touch bf3 on pc ever even it is was free and came with a free lapdance/twins/case of beer FU EA AND ORIGIN.

RedDead20672369d ago

You would turn down a lapdance with twins and a case of beer?


Si-Fly2369d ago

Judging by your gamer picture your pc probably isn't up to the job... hope you enjoy your ps3 version.

hiredhelp2369d ago

LoL Yeh ok pal ill let you think that.

No Way2368d ago

I guess we know who Hiredhelp's other account is? lol.

Fishy Fingers2369d ago

Drama queen! Oh noes I have to use teh origins!!!

caboose322369d ago

Come on, Origin isn't THAT bad.

Mr_Lu_Kim2369d ago

Yeah it is...

I am still getting BF3 but I am not friggin happy about being forced into using origin.

Tr10wn2369d ago

Yeah it is, that and battlelog on a browser sucks balls pretty hard.

caboose322368d ago

It sucks that we have to use origin and all but you guys need to stop crying about it, it's not the end of the world.

And battlelog was actually pretty good in the alpha. Smoother then any browser that Dice has tried to make before.

2pacalypsenow2369d ago

Whats so bad about origin?

NarooN2369d ago

Just morons crying about it being "bloatware" when they said the exact same thing about Steam when it first launched, yet now they worship it. Once Origin has a crapload of EA games on it with great deals and discounts, everyone will shut up.

I'm pretty sure if you have a rig that can run BF3 well, running one more program in the background to launch the game isn't too big of a deal.

superrey192369d ago

After buying a couple games and using origin, there is nothing bad about it. It isn't as great and full-fledged like steam but once the games are loaded up u can simply forget about it. People are making a big deal over nothing.

Remember kids, people hated steam when it was introduced too and now we love it.

superrey192368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

...I bet most people that complain about origin haven't even used it

BlackKnight2368d ago

Origin itself is not bad except for the inability to opt out of it scanning your computer (Steam's hardware/software survey prompts you every 6 months whether or not you want to be scanned and be part of the survey).

Beyond that, my issue is I want to be able to choose to get BF3 on steam, origin, GOG, where ever. I don't want EA restricting my choice of distribution methods to simply further their service. I have 137 games through Steam, including BF:BC2 and Dead Space and so on. But now EA is forcing me to add a SECOND piece of software of my computer to play a game. I have no choice but to do this. That is what is really annoying. Now my library of games will get decentralized if they continue this with future games.

Is this the end of the world? No, but it is really f**king frustrating. The point of PC is to have choice and freedom, now EA is bringing console-ish platform restrictions. Very frustrating.

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superrey192368d ago

Yes it's up Dice to deliver an optimized game but that means nothing if you have crappy drivers.

I don't mind using origin and don't feel like I got shafted. I pity you since a program running in the background will deter you from playing bf3 the way it was meant to be played .

Good on nvidia for backing up the game, they always come through with good driver support.

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Zanarkand2369d ago

Full SLI support needs to be onboard, and specifically this game only. I hope Nvidia will pull an all out on BF3.

death2smoochie2369d ago

BF3 will have full SLI and Crossfire support you can be assured

SH0CKW4VE2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Hmmm DICE are really rimming nividia arent they? and WTF their geForce series? update the GTX series nivida you D bags!

Who uses a geforce for gaming anymore? bit dated IMO

2pacalypsenow2369d ago

i use a Geforce GTX 560 and its amazing so .... I Do

rfowler302369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

i use 2 gtx 580s, and couldnt be happier. way better than having a gtx 560 ti, went from 44 fps in bfbc2 to 144-150 avg fps, high of 200 fps went with nvidia because of 3d vision and couldnt be happier.

NarooN2369d ago

Are you stupid? The GTX cards are still a part of the GeForce series.

pucpop2369d ago

I am using a GTX570 which will do just fine. Thanks.