El Shaddai Review [] "In an industry where people are becoming more and more afraid of taking risks, it's pleasing to see that there are those out there who still want to go against the grain. And that's exactly what Ignition has done with its latest game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. They could have just created a stereotypical action adventure game, but no, they wanted to do something different. It's very admirable, but the result is a game that has some definite highs, but also a fair few lows. Don't let this deter though, as there is more to El Shaddai than meets the eye."

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Hardedge2444d ago

This game looks really fun from what I've seen. Fair review all in all.

Son_Lee2444d ago

I'm gonna have to get this game when the price goes down and the gaming avalanche settles.

Venox20082444d ago

good game with unusual but attractive visual style 8,5/10