Respawn on firing range recording for their new title

Some of the guys from Respawn Entertainment, studio founded by ex-IW duo Vince and Zampella, headed to the firing range to record gun sounds for their new, yet unannounced title. Altough rumoured their title will be a sci-fi shooter, as it seems, it will feature many today's actual weapons.

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Dart892655d ago

It's always nice to hear what they're working on even if it's just something as small as this.
I just want them to reveal they're game already.

ATi_Elite2654d ago

with them being at the gun range recording sounds it kinda takes away the mystery of the game which is some FPS using modern weaponry. if they were recording at NASA or inside a mock ISS that would be cool!

CrimsonEngage2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Who would fire a weapon inside the ISS (even if mock)? Fuck logic... let's shoot a weapon inside the ISS and risk blowing a hole in a window and watching everyone get sucked through it like string spaghetti...

ATi_Elite2654d ago


if they were recording SOUNDS at NASA or inside a mock ISS that would be cool.

Not shooting weapons inside NASA or ISS.

Hufandpuf2654d ago

It may be a space marine game. Current day weapons, futuristic setting.

Chocoboh2654d ago

So kind of like Resistance?

Wizziokid2654d ago

Resistance is set in the past with futuristic weapons.

Oldman1002654d ago

Respawn seems like a pretty awesome company. Most of the staff consists of those that helped create cod 4. So i have high hopes for their next game.

NuclearDuke2654d ago

Hopefully their game won't release with the 200 bugs that Call of Duty 4 had and needed atleast five patches to fix. Talking about Buggy games (CoD4 was fucking buggy)

dark-hollow2654d ago

200 bugs? I don't remember cod 4 was that buggy!

NuclearDuke2654d ago


You obviously didn't play the game from launch. It was immensely buggy.

Chocoboh2654d ago

Most CoD games are buggy at launch :/

retrofly2654d ago

COD1 and 2 were fine on release :)

J86blum2654d ago

Helped create.. no IW created Modern Warfare and the gameplay/engine/coding thats been milked every since. end of story.

TheIneffableBob2654d ago

Well, id Software made the engine but yeah.

PhantomT14122654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

@TheIneffableBob They've only took the Quake III source code which was made free by id since 2005. They've built everything upon it then.

Respawn actually consists of the core team of Infinity Ward who developed games together since Medal of Honor: Allied Assault at 2015 (company name, not a date).

marcindpol2654d ago

Honestly I would love them to make a true COD killer, something really fresh. Those guys are certainly the ones whom know how to make it..

NuclearDuke2654d ago

They made Modern Warfare 2. Are they now all of a sudden Saints to cod-haters?

No doubt they are talented, but they will hardly make a Call of Duty "killer" unless they win the rights to Modern Warfare.

hiredhelp2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Its not hard to do a cod game thats around today.
Trust me these guys gonna make sure activision has taste there own medicine.
I like respawn to take cod on a whole new level. As long as its not haloish my personal prefrence. Keep it real i think we be ok.

Lets not forget some of the devs didnt just work on cod, some have worked on sony AAA titles and other games as well as movie industry so alot of tallent and hopfully can bring something new to the table.

FlashXIII2654d ago

Respawn is made up of all the talented people who made the cod franchise what it is today. Activision don't have the talent to take cod to the next level.. why? Because they're all at respawn. If anyone can take down cod it's these guys.

retrofly2654d ago

How do you make a "fresh" FPS. I've been racking my brains and can't think of anything different to what COD, EA and other have already done.

You could say future war, but BF2142 and Halo have done that?

How about a WW1 game :). Make it more about atmosphere and setting, make is psycological and realistic, thoguh doubt this "young" generation would play it :)

FlashXIII2654d ago

Another modern shooter? I'm SHOCKED.. never saw it coming.

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