Bodycount Review [] "We've had a plethora of first-person shooters released in recent years. There have been so many that we've even started creating sub-genres to help categories them more efficiently. But with increased numbers comes increased expectation and despite solid intentions, Bodycount fails to match up to the standards that have been set. It's a shame as it does offer up some potential."

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Hardedge2460d ago

Ouch, so much genre defining. Sounds like the game had some really cool concepts going for it, but it didn't translate that well into actual gameplay.

ShawnCollier2460d ago

Ouch, sounded like it tripped over its own "body" in the process.

TheEatingVodka2459d ago

You guys are making me laugh..
Other reviewers on here gave this game 7-8 and because this no name site gave it 5 you already decide that the game is stupid and it failed?

Baka-akaB2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

there are like a few sites who gave it 7-8 , and those are even more obscure than the rest , giving it stuff like 5/10 . Most big sites are actually crapping on the game

Besides get a clue , people decided it's awful based on the demo . If the game is actually far better than the demo , then the blame is on the dev

Skate-AK2459d ago

Yeah this game as been getting some no too good reviews.