Media Create hardware sales (8/22 – 8/28)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan.

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NeoBasch2396d ago

Down another 40K units this week. If it settles at 30K, the 3DS might be able to tough it out. Hopefully it doesn't drop below 20K. Who know's what Nintendo will do then.

MasterCornholio2396d ago

Another price drop?

Just kidding LOL

Dwalls11712396d ago

Vgchartz is grosely undertracking ps3 and psp ...each month ps3 picks up like 150,000 or more in sales from japan... To 360 0.00$ but the gap doesnt close -_-

mr_epsym_knird2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Eh that's a nasty drop for 3DS.

PS3's increase is alright but should've been better with MH3rdHD.

PSP is still doing okay.

Everything else below these three consoles are doing horrible in Japan.

Ddouble2396d ago

Well MH3rd is a port so i wouldn't expect it to do that much.

Tales of Xillia next week or week after should do more but i can never tell with Japan.

MasterCornholio2396d ago

I guess the boost from the price drop for the 3DS is dying off already. I am pretty sure that once that new mario game comes out it will jump up again.

Stealth2k2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I hope people realize that even before the price drop the 3ds was number one in japan for 2.5 months straight. In japan no system will stay that high continuously anymore.

The fact that its even been number 1 once during the first 6 months is an amazing feat at that

NESpower2396d ago

don't mind those disagrees from the loser 3DS was #1 JUNE AND JULY.

Stealth2k2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

And the last 2 weeks of may, and all of agust if this keeps up

The ds was hardly ever number 1 for extended periods for those first 2 years the next few weeks it should still outsell everything else like it was doing before the price drop. And remember. Games are rolling starting this month

room4142396d ago

There's a reason the 3ds is cheaper than the seven year old psp in Japan now.
Here are the real numbers:

GamersRulz2396d ago

what's happenin to the Wii ?
it is 1/3 the price of PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.