8.0 Reviews Madden NFL 12

TerminalGamer writes: The NFL Owners and Players have agreed to a new CBA and the pre-season is in full swing. That can mean only one thing. Madden NFL 12 is about to release. Did EA Tiburon give you enough reasons to come back for another season, or did they drop the ball? Read our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx2669d ago

Madden 12 is great, but if they could have used more NCAA Football 12 ideas it would have been better.


My buddies were busting my chops since I haven't played a sports game in over a decade if you don't count the brief session of Tecmo I hit it up the other day on my lunch break and at a friends house. Super Tecmo Bowl is still the king :P

iLemon2669d ago

I just played the demo. I can't believe how many framerate, texture pop-in, screwed up face mask shadow, and jerky animations are in this game. It looks like beta. Lovey Smith looks like a burn victim. I haven't bought this game in 4 years or so. I can't believe they were never able to optimize it for the current gen after all these years.

ftwrthtx2668d ago

The demo is not a proper representation of the full game. I played the demo when it came out and was shocked at how bad it looked. My review copy showed up shortly after and I fired the game up immediately. The full game is at least a 100 times better than the demo.

iLemon2667d ago

I'm glad to hear that.