New Hitman Absolution Images And Scans

Check out some new Hitman Absolution Scans

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2297d ago
gravemaker2296d ago

graphis is awesome, but gameplay seems dumb down to a shooter level or splinter cell conviction

i hate then developers do that to my favorite games, first SC now Hitman
they need to turn FF into a cover shooter next time

SephirothX212296d ago

Hitman needs better shooting. The shooting and a.i were awful. This doesn't mean that the stealth aspect will be taken from the game. It wouldn't be Hitman without stealth sedating the chef, taking his clothes and poisoning the f*ckin' cake!

2296d ago
gravemaker2296d ago

hitman always was a stealth but openworld game, i get that in new one they strip it of open world and make a corridors, or small open spaces

maybe im wrong, i need to see some real gameplay