Brütal Legend: First Look

Tim Schafer and Jack Black. What a match. The latter has molded a career from escalating rock fandom into an extreme comedic art form, whilst the former creates comedic gaming masterpieces that induce the fervent fandom usually reserved for rock gods. One so adored, paired with another so well versed in adoration can only be a good thing. And has led to this good thing.

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MK_Red4055d ago

The game looks like a mix of all Schafer classics mixed with bloody gore and heavy metal. Translation = Absolute awesomeness and a game among top 3 of my most anticipated.
God, I still can't believe people ignored his masterpiece Psychonauts...

Prismo_Fillusion4055d ago

Agreed completely!
This game could be EPIC.

Skerj4055d ago

God I hope this doesn't get lost in the sea of good games of next year like Psychonauts did. Regardless it's still going to be in my house day one. Judging from 2008's line up so far, the industry is getting over the graphics portion of game design and getting back to new gameplay elements.

TheMART4055d ago



360 owners, Psychonauts plays on the 360 with backwards compatibility. You can pick this game up for around 10 bucks, DO THAT.

I mean, it would be fun to see the game instantly have some sales again. The game is a true masterpiece. Too bad we'll probably never see Psychonauts 2 because it sold too few copies...


I can't believe this is all the post's that this story has received.
I hate that,
Just watch, when this games Hype machine really starts going, then everyone is going to be here, talking about how much they can't wait to pick it up.

This game is going to be great, just wait and see.
I'm not even a die hard rock and roll fan, (though i do like some songs)

And I KNOW this will be a day one purchase for me