Top 5 Nobuo Uematsu Game Soundtracks that Aren’t Final Fantasy

GameDynamo - "One of the most recognizable and longer-standing names in video game music composition, Nobuo Uematsu, was never formally trained. However, he began music at an early age. After being approached randomly by a Squaresoft employee while working in a Tokyo music rental shop back in 1985, he has since composed dozens of soundtracks. While the Final Fantasy series is his most popular, there are plenty of other OSTs which he has composed that are simply amazing. Here is our list of top five non-Final Fantasy, Uematsu soundtracks."

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chidori6662357d ago

he's the best music composer ever for FF titles.

CrescentFang2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I guess no one liked SaGa huh? (aka FF Legends in the west)
But oh man when Kenji Ito and Uematsu worked on SaGa 2... that was a godly and legendary OST. I was expecting it to have this more popular works, but tbh he hasn't worked on too much else...
I also liked Anata o Yurusanai's OST...

RufustheSage2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

SaGa Frontier 1,2 and Unlimited. Were all great soundtracks too.

Eamon2357d ago

I really want The Last Story to come out in the west quickly!

SquareEnixFan2357d ago

Sadly every time I think of Blue Dragon's music I'm reminded of that terrible Eternity song from the boss battles.

CrescentFang2357d ago

Jesus Christ the guy from Deep Purple sang that!

SquareEnixFan2357d ago

I know but it was so annoying after hearing it over and over.

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