What is up With the Controversy Surrounding Femshep Characters?

Rhillis of Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Controversy surrounding the default female character skin in BioWare’s upcoming title, Mass Effect 3 has begun to stir. Many people with different views, and from different backgrounds (especially sex) have commented, written articles, and lashed out via Twitter about the outrage of the recently selected model.

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Bigpappy2394d ago

There is no controversy. Just a bunch of no name web sites looking for cheap hits, but thring to invent one.

Rushing_Punch2394d ago

It certainly looks like a few major sites jumped all over this. I think the question here is "Does it matter?"

starchild2394d ago

I see nothing wrong with the way she looks.

More importantly, who cares? You can create your own character if you don't like it. I think that is what most people do anyway.

SageHonor2394d ago

My female shephard is customized and looks better than all of those :P... Matter of fact.. arent most female shephards customized anyway?

Nadasico2393d ago

Considering the horrible selection of hair for fem shep in both 1 and 2 I doubt she looks better than number 4. Unless you modded your fem shep.

Bay2394d ago

It's because people forget that you can customize your own damned Shepard.

LightofDarkness2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

"And ladies, we all know that Shepard isn’t even a woman to begin with, so all this bantering is just ‘two ole hens, clucking in the hen house’, so to speak. But just to be certain, look up at the blonde Shepard, then down at the auburn Shepard, then look at all the female Shepards, now look at the bottom of the screen, that is the real Shepard. And he is a man, baby."

Yeah, that's not sexist or inflammatory at all. Way to take an unbiased, reasonable stance. :/

MidnytRain2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I'm sorry, but ever since playing Modern Warfare 2, I can't help but think of a gruff-voiced, aggressive, middle-aged man when I hear "Shepard". Seriously, Shepherd was one bad dude. I can't shake the connotations now.

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