ThriftyNerd - Bastion Review: Labor of Love

Experiencing Bastion is something that cannot truly be described nor can it be understood by reading a simple review on a website. The game is more than the story of a kid dealing with the end of the world. It’s a story of how the team at Supergiant Games loves gamers so much that they gave us this – their labor of love, their magnum opus. When the credits have rolled, and you realize just how small the team was that created Bastion, two words will come unbidden to your lips. “Thank you.”

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lochdoun2693d ago

Bought this game and got The Maw for free.
It is probably the best $15 I ever spent on XBLA. Bastion and The Maw are 2 of the most purely fun and charming games I've played.

mikedao2693d ago

I am totally with you - Bastion is the best game I've played on XBLA.