Doom 3-Mod: Even Doom 4 might not look as good as this

Here's another mod for Doom 3. And it makes it look like a different game. Maybe better than Doom 4? He remade over 500 new textures and the texture are 16-36 times bigger than the original. About 85%-90% textures are completely reconstructed, about 10-15% textures are only rescaled and overlayed with other textures in higher resolution.

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Darkfocus2608d ago

hmmm.... think I'm gonna play doom 3 again

Ranshak2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Lol yea i am waiting for a steam discount to pick this game up. If my backlog runs out which currently is about 20games (all bought on steam discounts) then i may consider, lol by then there probably will be another sale going :P

PC it only gets free HD remakes rofl. If anyone bought the game back when it released they can now enjoy a free upgrade @ 1080p and new textures.

mttrackmaster382608d ago

They never remake the character models though...

HAF9122607d ago

this mod is impressive. may have to get.

banjadude2607d ago

Anyone else think the RAGE engine will be used for Doom 4? That would be awesome!