A Wireless Controller for the Kinect?

GamerFitNation was invited to the Microsoft Holiday Showcase many awesome games and tech was on display that will blow your mind. Still image our surprise when we saw a wireless steering wheel type Xbox Controller on display. What made it more of a shock was seeing it being demoed using the Kinect System. This thing is beautiful, light weight, and slick. Still this brings the question to mind is Microsoft developing tech for the Kinect that will reshape the idea of "You are the controller?"

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BLACKBIBLE2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I'm not going to lie I and others were a little shocked by this. Not at the fact that they man it, more so that they haven't said anything about it.

BLACKBIBLE2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

TIme OuT! I never said you needed this to play Forza I said that they made a controller for the Kinect. Please don't put words into my mouth. I was at the event playing Forza without a controller, and with So I know already.

On another note: How do you disagree with some saying that they themselves were shocked? LOL you guys are funny...

oohWii2609d ago

It's a wireless wheel, what the hell does that have to do with Kinect. This wheel was announced at E3 and never did they mention that it was made for Kinect. Those are your words not microsofts.

Better yet, please explain how this wheel interacts with Kinect.

LOGICWINS2609d ago

"I'm not going to lie I and others were a little shocked by this. Not at the fact that they man it, more so that they haven't said anything about it."

I'm VERY shocked at the fact that they made it. Isn't Kinect supposed to be about your BODY being the controller?

MidnytRain2609d ago

Yeah, that was the pitch. People kept saying that hardcore games would be impossible without any handheld device. I guess MS has begun to think that, too. If they do this, it'll be like admitting their idea was flawed to begin with.

green2609d ago

You know this controller is a wireless wheel and has absolutely nothing to do with Kinect right. You guys are just so quick to jump on the hate wagon and show your ignorance in the process.

Redgehammer2609d ago

Isn't it the same wireless steering wheel that was announced a couple of weeks ago? It wasn't made for Kinect. but no one said that it couldn't be used, except Kinect haters of course.

Venjense2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Engineer: "Kinect would provide unprecedented immersion if we added wireless wands with an analog stick and buttons!"

Marketing: "A team of thirty people making 100 grand a year spent months coming up with the slogan - You Are The Controller - stick your wands up your nerd assess."

MS: Products are sold based on what marketers say, not based on the technology or what they do! To think otherwise is preposterous!

We don't care that Kinect doesn't really work with most types of games, there will always be millions of idiots all over the world willing to pay money for crap so long as that crap has good commercials and proper endorsements.

Shove your wands up your highly educated nerd assess.

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xtheownerzx2609d ago

Kinect controller but I thought it was supposed to be a controller-less product

firemassacre2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

what happened to YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER? not working out microsoft?

edit below me...


"Who cares if the final product doesn't match the advertisement?"

Sony sure as hell didnt advertise the move to be something its not. they are sticking to there guns.

Boletarian2609d ago

Who cares if the final product doesn't match the advertisement?

PS3 doesn't do everything. Do you point that out?

If the final product works better, then so be it.

blumatt2609d ago

I think everyone knew that the Kinect would HAVE to eventually implement some type of controller. The tech just isn't out, nor is the immersion factor there, to JUST have a camera watching you act out the motion. I like to feel something tangible in my hand and have some sort of force feedback (rumble). I'm sure MS will announce some peripherals for the Kinect soon. Hopefully they're not priced too high like it though.

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Boletarian2609d ago

"Sony sure as hell didnt advertise the move to be something its not. they are sticking to there guns."

This isn't a Move versus Kinect debate. It's a general discussion on advertisement strategy.

You're criticizing Microsoft for their advertisement of Kinect as making the player the controller.

False advertising has been conducted by both Microsoft and Sony, but I'm just letting everyone here know that you're only focusing on MS.

In Sony's commercials, the final tagline of the Playstation 3 is, "It only does EVERYTHING." This is false. Does the Playstation 3 do everything? No.

There are examples of Sony CEOs falsely advertising the capabilities of the PS3, claiming that it would run games at 1080p at 120 frames per second.

The majority of titles on PS3 do not run at 1080/120. They run at 720/30.

But again, Firemassacre, your current comment and your comment history in general, seems to only focus on criticizing Microsoft and never Sony.

That's what this is about. I don't care what the companies say or do because companies are liable to lie and cheat for profit.

What I hate most is when people like you delude yourselves into thinking that one company is good and the other bad. This website exists because of people like you.

Why o why2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )


Dude, he has his preference you have yours. No need for the 'i hates' because he could say the same about your focus. Pretty much everybody has some kind of bias so get over it.

I see you've used some misinformation to try to prove a point. Get the actual quotes of what sony's people said NOT what others have interpreted and post those. I double dare you. Ill agree with you on the fact that pr is just I wouldnt feel hurt or vexed if ms added a controller if it makes the device more appealing to me like some people acted when linux was removed from the ps3 even though it was for the greater good of the console. All people talk sh1t and i bet half of the loud ones didnt use or care about the linux to begin with...same will probably apply to kinect to be fair.

Some may see this as a bait n shift IF it becomes a reality but whatever. Without a dedicated controller ill continue to give the device a wide birth

Boletarian2609d ago

I don't have a preference. I dislike consoles in general and don't have love for any company out there.

I'm actually trying to be unbiased here. If the product works better with a controller then screw the advertising. I wouldn't want MS to be pushed into a corner by their own promises and be forced to make laggy, imprecise games for Kinect forever.

You think I'm biased in favor of MS but really I just don't like it when people spend so much of their time bashing one company when the company they keep riding does the same stuff.

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fossilfern2609d ago

Exactly, Kinect around £100 + this which I dunno ill take a stab and say like £30 - £40. So £140 altogether why not just buy a proper racing wheel and have little to no input delay, especially for a racing sim

specialguest2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER...holding a controller to control YOU as the controller holding a controller!

FragMnTagM2609d ago

Wow people are too quick to jump on the MS hate train. This controller HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KINECT at the moment.

The controller works WITHOUT KINECT and is going to retail at 59.99.

Proof for all the lazy people:

Searching Google before you make dumb posts will help you guys out.

maniacmayhem2609d ago

Shhhhhh, just let the sony brigade have this one okay.

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IQUITN4G2609d ago

You sure this is for use on Kinect only, i'm sure that's not the case

FragMnTagM2609d ago

Wow at least someone is smart around here.

EXACTLY, this has nothing to do with Kinect as of right now. It is it's own separate wireless controller that DOES NOT NEED KINECT!

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