QuakeCon 2011: Why You Should Go, and What You Need To Know


"E3 is fun. Gamescom is fun. Eurogamer is fun. PAX is fun. ComicCon is fun.

"Ultimately, in my eyes, these events all pale in comparison to one particular favorite of mine, which is an absolute blast. And it’s free.

"Described as “Four days of peace, love and rockets” and even “the Woodstock of gaming”, it’s 75 hours of the best shenanigans in the gaming industry.

"It’s a LAN party. It’s a shenanigan-fest. It’s a place to see and demo fascinating new technology. It’s where John Carmack blows your mind for two hours every year. Did I mention that it’s 100% free?

"You guessed it; I’m talking about QuakeCon! I’m here to tell you why you SHOULD be going, and what you need to know about it."

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Proeliator2493d ago

QuakeCon is one of the greatest events in gaming, hands-down.

BadCircuit2493d ago

It's a bit far for me to go, but free does sound like amazingly good value :)