Roundtable Discussion: MW3 Versus BF3

DeltaGamer's editors engage in a gentlemen's debate over the finer points of this year's blockbuster shooters.

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Bolts2579d ago

Jesus Christ, not this again.

Ser2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Expect more, it's not over yet.

When Battlefield 3 lands I expect to see a lot of this:

"Battlefield 3 - Will it Blend?"

Edit: "Call of Duty makes its money not from gameplay, but from social circles, like mine that paid for half of the game." - I can relate. One of my friends offered to pay for half of BlOps, I still refused.

MGRogue20172579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

There is no need to start this again.. -_-

Even though they are both first person shooters, They are completely different from each other & they are both great in terms of longetivity, you'll definately be getting your money's worth.

Recommended action: Purchase & enjoy 'em both.

metsgaming2579d ago

MW3 wins in sales and BF3 wins in everything else. Thats about it.

ape0072579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

two different games dude

it's like comparing gran turismo vs burnout

one is fast paced, action packed, in your face, destructive fast, fluid extreme 60 fps action and more accessible

the other is more authentic, strategic, wider range team-based, the action is more destructive and having a slower yet delicious pace

note: MW3 haters, MW 3 will be an amazing satisfying complete package, epic 10 hrs+ campaign, awesome spec ops mode, all new survival mode, coop and of course the MP, keep in mind that cod have better sp than bf (both have awesome mp), coop and epic soundtrack\story

in the end both games gonna [email protected], im buying both but im more excited for MW3( but i gotta be honest, I wish activision upgraded the gfx like dice did with bf3)

ian722579d ago

This is getting a bit silly now. No more verses between these two games please.

solar2579d ago

dependa on what kind of gaming experience u want. casual or more "hardcore" with ur shooters. one is a pick up and play, the other a more "learning curve" type gameplay.

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