From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet & Fruit Ninja Kinect Available For Purchase Now

Gamertag Radio writes: "Don't want to wait until tomorrow for the next Summer of Arcade game - "From Dust". You can now buy the game at Microsoft Store Online for $14.99. You can now download the following game early: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for $14.99 or Fruit Nina Kinect for $9.99."


Sorry folks, Microsoft Online Store took it down.

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SilentNegotiator2403d ago

Dun dun dunduuuuu, dun dundun dundun dununuuuuu....

From Dust is available? Awesomeness.

Mustang300C20122403d ago

The Fruit Ninja Kinect redeem code isn't working. Already playing From Dust

Mustang300C20122403d ago

Most likely they do not have the game up on the Live servers so probably have to wait when review copies come out.

matt19912403d ago

When you buy it do they email you a code to download it????

godfree2403d ago

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet works! I just got my copy.

matt19912403d ago

do they email you the code????

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