Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale details: 1st-7th July 2014

The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 1st-7th July 2014 is now on and there are a number of tasty discounts available to Xbox gamers on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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IanVanCheese698d ago

Shibby, I've been waiting for From Dust to go on sale for ages, will be picking that up.

Sayburr698d ago

40% off Theif for the XBO...

Christopher697d ago

Thief has been pretty much discounted for the last two months. You can get it pretty cheap on PC, if you have it. I'd recommend about a US$30 purchase for the game and only focus on the collecting elements if you actually like the game after a single playthrough.

Volkama698d ago

Child of Light only discounted on the 360? It always seems strange seeing owners of the new console given the more poo-tainted end of the stick.

TheDrunkenJester698d ago

I have been holding out on that game hoping it will be a games with gold game for XBOXONE soon.

UnHoly_One698d ago

That's the bad thing about GwG... Now I don't want to buy any small downloadable games like this for fear it will be free in a month or two.

StealthPandemic697d ago

It's $15 original price. Stop being cheap.

TheDrunkenJester697d ago

StealthPandemic, I'm not being cheap, but I bought halo spartan assault and Max right away and now they are both free so I would rather wait a few months and just get it for free.

vikingland1698d ago

Guacamele turbo for free on Xbox One. Thats not poo-tainted.

Volkama698d ago

Relatively speaking though. Battleblock Theatre and and Gotham whatever to keep is again the better deal, at least imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.