Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues Review (

Old World Blues may be the third piece of downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas but it is by far the strongest of the bunch. There isn’t a whole lot changed from your standard gameplay formula but the amount of content added is certainly worth the price of admission. Simply running through the story alone will take the average player around six hours, but with many areas to explore it would be a waste to simply blow through the quirky and enjoyable world that has been hidden away in Big MT.

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Ramas2403d ago

Really enjoyed it and i agree that so far its best DLC for fallout and i have a feeling it will still be best even after fourth last dlc.
only minus is that on consoles it is still very broken, huge lag kicks in from time to time and game becomes unplayable, you have to quit it and load save again.
Had to do it like 20+ times till i finished it. And dont know why all say its about 6 hours, i played 20 hours, explored everything and so on.

I_find_it_funny2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

How do you know 4th will be the last?

Ramas2403d ago

They said there will be 4. and it will be called lonesome road or something. And when you finish old world blues you hear voice saying yet one road remain, that curier has to walk alone (or something like that)makes perfect sence.

DOOMZ2403d ago

And why cant we continue the game after we beat the main story line again?!?