Apple need this controller to compete with Nintendo

There’s no denying that the mobile gaming market has exploded over the last couple of years thanks to the creation of low-cost downloadable games. Apple has been the driving force behind this new market thanks to the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Where do they go from here? It’s time to start eating Nintendo’s lunch.

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ashbc2551d ago

I would love a controller for my Ipad. Every time I am about to break my records on a game the stupid unresponsive fucking screen screws me out of the satisfaction. It doesn't help I have big fingers I guess.

vglulz2551d ago

I've found some games to be super responsive and others to be poor. Depends on the developer I guess. I think the iPad is technically the most responsive touch screen out of the current tablet selection which always helps.

jeseth2551d ago

Nintendo = Awesome exclusive franchises.

Playstation = Awesome exclusive franchises.

Xbox = Awesome exclusive franchises.

Apple = Jack $h!+.

All apple can make are trendy looking electronics that are underpowered and milked to death. But the sheep of the world flock to them because they are a status symbol, have beautiful people in their commercials (have you ever seen a fat or non-hip looking person in an apple commercial?), etc.

I would love to see Apple try and get into the gaming market. We make fun of Nintendo for under-teching their systems . . .Apple leaves features out on purpose so they can sell you the same thing with one new feature the next year but it should and could have been included on the current iteration of iTouch, Pod, Pad, Phone, etc.

Apple is a joke. But suckers keep buying into it.

Bull5hifT2551d ago

yeah i really dont wanna walk around with a WiiMote to use my snes Emulator, anyone know where i can get Super Mario RPG;legend of the seven stars? on SNES4IPhone

Rush2551d ago


Not to be a jackass but there are currently more exclusive games on the Iphone then there are on the Xbox 360 PS3 and Nintendo Wii combined fact.

As for awesome exclusives, game's like the Chaos Ring series comes to mind.

And as am not an exclusive whore that argument holds little water to me.

I am happy to except improved versions of awesome PSP game's however like Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions without low down's and Retina support. And awesome games like Crimson Gem Sega.

Or even Dead Space for 59 pence or Monopoly for 59 pence which offers the same experience as the one released on the PS3 which costs about 30x more.

I also get the better versions of The Sims games compared to the handheld games that cost far less.

And Final Fantasy 3 DS remake with Retina support which looks 5x better then the DS version at 1/4 the cost.

billyboi1222551d ago

Apple will never compete with Nintendo's library of games. Maybe if Apple start investing in some exclusives then things might start to change.

I like the idea of having the option to use a controller though. If I had an iPad I'd invest in a controller if it meant I could games with more depth than just touching the screen. It seems like wasted potential at the minute.

Technical World2551d ago

If they made a controller how many people would make games that use it? Most people that aren't gamers and just want an iPad won't buy it because they don't care enough to get something like that. And most gamers, at least on N4G don't like to use their iPad or iPhone to play video games. Oh and also, an extra controller to carry gets rid of any portability for any of them. Carryig around two different devices is a hassle. I'll stick to my 3DS untill it's built in with really good games.

billyboi1222551d ago

Carrying a wireless controller with your iPad gets rid of portability? Yeah, good luck with that. Obviously the whole market of iPad owners won't want the controller, but for the people who want a deeper game experience the option would be nice.

If you read the article, it does mention that the controller would be made with the iPad in mind rather than the other iDevices.

Pikajew2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

A mini game is not as good as a full game

Mario is a lot better than any ipod game. These people are to blind to see that

vglulz2551d ago


And who are the people you're referring to btw?

Pikajew2551d ago

The people who think iPods are taking over the portable market and consoles

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