An Image To Illustrate Nintendo’s Recent Errors

An image to illustrate Nintendo's recent errors and mistakes.

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axisofweevils2434d ago

Some of that is a little harsh.
Stock tends to drop when a new console is announced. This isn't exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, it's just a fact of business.

fatstarr2434d ago

they need to make one of these for every company

Nintendo just needs to localize its golden gems to get back on top, oi hope profit isnt the reason why its not here yet.

kma2k2434d ago

Yet with all these "mistakes" when the wii U comes out it will sell like crazy. i for one will not buy one but for some reason people are stupid enough to just buy things regardless of what it is.

BubbleSniper2434d ago

we have a lot of people with crystal balls on N4G.

many said the 3ds would dominate all, but look how that went.
Best to wait and see what happens or what is announced OR what is shown between NOW and the release of the Wii U.

Xof2433d ago

I think you mean, "idiot fanboys with anuses for mouths."

I'm at the point where I don't really care about the Wii U. No matter how good it is, I won't buy one simply because of the obscene number of peripherals that will be REQUIRED. A giant ipad controller, wiimotes, various corded controllers... it'll be a mess. Not to mention that Ninty is once again screwing up b/c.

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Shackdaddy8362433d ago

That friend codes thing is only true for the 3DS. wiiu they got rid of them.

Xof2433d ago

...While I enjoy my Wii and DS and the games for each console, I can't think of a single thing Nintendo has done where I've thought, "Gee, that was a really good idea."

Oddly enough, I can think of dozens of instances where I've thought, "Gee, Nintendo is really fucking stupid" in the last week alone.

If I could play Zelda on my PS3, I'd be done with them forever.

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Canary2432d ago

Yeah, Nintendo is easily the worst of the big three when it comes to... well, a whole lot of things.

But don't say that here! The fragile minds of the average Nintendo fanboys cannot handle criticism!

Seferoth752431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Yes cause only fanboy could look at the senseless moronic comment and think it wrong. You my poor delusional friend obviously do not understand what a fanboy is. Saying the company with the highest rated games this gen and the most sales to back it up, is the worst, is amusing though and obviously only something a fanboy for another company would say.

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