Grand Theft Auto 4 can generate up to 3000 sounds at once

"Do us a favour. Dust off your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, load up your last save and see how many individual sounds you can distinguish. 10? 15? Good guess, but there's a lot more bubbling away in there you're simply not aware you can hear."

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lazertroy2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Thats because it was 3000 times smaller/shorter then sanandreas. GTA V better be Huge.

kramun2430d ago

How does the size of the map matter concerning how many sounds the game can generate?

n4f2430d ago

wow now that i know there 3000 sound playing together the game will be more fun!!/s

rezzah2429d ago

adds to the realism of the environment. Which in the end makes it more entertaining and fun.