TLR Podcast #6 Capcom Needs a Wake-up Call

TLR Writes "Plain and simple, loyal fans are getting owned. TLR discusses what Capcom needs to do to maintain their audience before all is lost."

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stonecold32527d ago

yep capcom do need a wake up call to many street fighter this gen sf4 ssf4 ssf4 arc ed marvel vs capcom3 and ultimate marvel vs capom next up for 2012 will be super ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 how many resident evil5 2 version resident evil5 and the other gold now wheres monster hunter for the ps3 and rival schools dino crisis

bacrec12527d ago

Dino crisis would be amazing with this current hardware.

gamingisnotacrime2526d ago

but not with the current Capcom

Bolts2526d ago

Capcom is stuck in the same rut that all the Japanese devs are in.

The real Colombian2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I just wish that whatever it is they make that they put their heart and soul into it,like they used to.

The real Colombian2525d ago

We forgot to discuss how they are trying to stiff people with the frank west dead rising.