Why you should start liking World of Warcraft

A look at the improvements to World of Warcraft, and why this makes World of Warcraft worth a second look.

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firemassacre2527d ago

it was a great experience buy there is so little time this year with so many games coming out, i must exclude this, even more so since ive put over 100 hours on it. wow is very addictive. great mmo though.

Saryk2526d ago

Play it now. Having a blast!

MintBerryCrunch2526d ago

Not an MMO fan and $15 every month won't make me like any game, no matter how good it is

Darkfiber2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

It's funny that people say that...$15 for 744 hours of gameplay + updates and new content, yet people will pay $15 for 2 hours of DLC. I figure 744 hours for $15 is a lot more worth the price than 2 hours, but what do I know...

Not specifically talking about WoW (as I think it is garbage) but MMOs in general.

Simco8762526d ago

They need to make a new WoW.... I can only imagine the sales

LoaMcLoa2526d ago

Guess the expansions don't count? :P