Are the Forza 4 Devs resting on their laurels?

Here is my case.We all know that they are only 2 real big mass market Sim games, Gran turismo and Forza any other sim game does not come close when it comes to fame and fortune. Gran turismo has been loved at birth both fame and fortune have been there since the beginning. Forza on the other hand was created from dirt, having to be brazen and fight for every scrap of popularity and wealth it gets. The Forza franchise has been growing slowly but steadily in sales and popularity, but what disturbs me the most is now that the ball is in their court and they finally have a chance to separate themselves and blaze a trial in their own glory.
They seem to be faltering.

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BlmThug2526d ago

I Think Turn 10 Are Going To Releases A Few Bombshells At Gamescom And A Few More Before Release

StanLee2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

They added auto vista, upped the polygon count of the in-game car models, added even more community features like car clubs and rivals mode, redid the entire tyre model of the game from the ground up with the help of Pirreli and all this 2 years after Forza 3's launch. Frankly the writer sounds like a GT fanboy with an axe to grind and he can bugger off. I guess they're suppose to take six years and give you a last gen game huh?

teething2524d ago

True car fans care more about good racing games that this forza vs gt5 crap. Only fanboys pick sides and care about this crap.

Forza 3 was great... So was gt5. Hopefully for the benefit of all car fans... Forza will be the best yet.

Screw fanboys, i want good racing.

aviator1892526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

"The seem to be faltering.They releasing a sequel only 2 years after Forza 3 with almost the same number of cars, with no new vehicle types like karting or formula one cars, all i see is a plethora of production vehicles, its like forza is one gigantic car commercial for 2011. Nothing really talked about dynamic weather or day night cycles, this game does not give me the same vibe as Forza 3 or Forza 2, this game feels more like an update to me. Kinda like how Fifa 11 is an update of Fifa 10."

My god, reading that was utterly painful, especially on this fine thursday morning. Seriously, kid, learn to write with proper grammar and proper sentence forming if you want anyone to take you seriously.

OT: Also, I'm sure turn 10, with their incredibly large team of engineers and programmers, can afford to extend some resources to kinect-functionality without losing their focus on the core driving experience.

StrifeHawkins2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I have further rectified the story, i hope you could still understand what i was trying to say

ps3bestever2526d ago ShowReplies(3)
killerhog2526d ago

Forza is not an effing sim; when it has: a rewind feature, expanded tracks, and other arcade elements.

JellyJelly2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

At least it lets you upgrade and tune the cars brakes, unlike another popular "sim".

killerhog2526d ago

Oh wow really? You want to insinuate gt5?? I kept it forza but if you want to bring in gt5, I'll be more than happy to give you a book long comparison of what forza doesnt do compared to gt5

killerhog22525d ago


clicking "restart", you guess it restarts the whole race, not expunges your crash, your lost in place, your car damage, etc..

YodaCracker2526d ago

Oh, but it is a sim and it is the highest rated sim of this console generation. Two of its installments are actually.

killerhog2525d ago

Oh because, there's a rewind feature real life, that let's racers retract their crashes and magically expunge thier car damage and bodily harm done to the racer? Oh because, real life race tracks have duplicates that are 30% wider so racers can make turns easier?

Gt5 prologue and gt5 retail are the highest selling sim for a reason.

Rattlehead202525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Yeah because there is also a 'restart race' feature in real life...

The rewind feature in Forza is OPTIONAL.

sak5002525d ago

@killer hog

WHile bumping other cars at 100s of Kmp/h to overtake them without suffering massive damage to the cars and no injuries to driver is being a real simulator?

If you want you can remove all assists or rewind functions and play w/o it if you're so much into simulation. I prefer gaming as a relaxing activity and i drive a V8 6.0 L 360HP car in real life so i dont need such realisim that when i crash or drift of course i should go and restart the whole game.

YodaCracker2525d ago

GT5 is the highest selling sim this gen because it is part of a far more established franchise than Forza that goes back to the PS1 days. Also, there hadn't been a full GT game in half a decade. Not because it doesn't have a rewind feature, LOL...

Edito2525d ago

GT5 and all others are classic instant classic, the enviroment, the sounds, menus, etc Forza is good but wil never be in the same level of prodction and vision... its not about graphics, phisics it´s about the game aura and vision... and forza doesn´t have that...

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StanLatMarveldotCom2525d ago

If you GT fanboys want to continue to be pedantic then GT isn't a sim either! Do you really want to get into the minutest detail of what a sim is or should be?!

MOTY2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

@ killerhog

Yes Killerhog, let do the comparison.

I will show you how it's not very sim-like to ONLY have 200 of 1000 cars with interior views. Or lack of consequences if you hit another car, or ram into the guard rails, or bumper car off of other cars going around turns without affecting your car. Or lack of total Physical and Mechanical customization. Or that many models looks terrible and came from GT4 or worse...GT3.

That "Rewind" FEATURE you refer to is OPTIONAL. It doesn't have to be used. You understand the term "OPTIONAL" right? Widened tracks and "other arcade elements" are NOT arguments as to why Forza is not a SIM. You understand what a "sim" is right? It's the core elements in the game. Width of tracks doesn't take away the SIM of Forza. >>OPTIONAL<< features that don't have to be used do NOT take away SIM elements of the game.

It's not hard to insult GT5. PD released GT5 when it wasn't completed and that was done because SONY enforced NON-SIM racing elements into the game. Adding more cars that didn't need to be added thus created over 800 cars without interior views. Poor menu screen, 3D, Day/Night cycles and weather, Go karting.

All those should have been "extras" once ALL the CORE features were completed. Sony rushed PD to release a game that lacked in many EXPECTED sim elements that should have been in the game.

PD was on track to make an amazing GT game with GT5 but SONY stepped in and demanded that GT5 be released before it was ready and add pullet point features when focus on the actual SIM core features was what was needed. And what was released was a HUGE unfinished let down.

killerhog you are arguing a losing battle simply due to your loyalty to Sony and GT5. Don't make yourself look foolish.

killerhog22525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

lack of consequences if you hit another car? you get time penalized, damage to your car performance. yes it was stupid of them to implicate it as you level up (rpg style) but its there.

you understand the term sim right? if you are making a sim you cannot give an option to turn it into an arcade. no other sim does that.

again you understand sim and what it is meant to be right? you have to make the tracks as they are. you cannot widen them 30% for users to be able to make turns easier. theres a reason why race car drivers use gt games. you are getting no experience or training using forza tracks as they are not real replicas.

i wasnt even the one to bring up sony or gt5. i called out forza for what it does and doesnt do to amke it a real sim and i kept it forza without bringing up gt5 UNTIL ya did.

oh and lets not forget forza has no day/night, no weather effects etc. yeah thats sim-like

crashing rarely occur in real-life racing. so not having burnout-like crashes in gt5 doesnt authenticate it more or less. in fact, real-life racing there are a lot of penalties (fines, suspensions, expulsions, etc.) to prevent a racer from crashing/instigating a crash and tries to spur them as much to keep it safe. having to much crash in a sim in my view, makes it less of a sim, because you are obviously not driving like a racer or focusing on driving and are just piling up cars and purposely crashing for the "enjoyment"

seinfan2525d ago

In GT5, when you crash into a wall at over 150 mph, does the car get totaled and the driver get killed? Nope, what a terrible sim! /s

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