Halo: Combat Evolved Terminals Offer Hints To Halo 4 Plot

GCO: "343 Industries have explained the concepts behind “terminals” within Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and how they’ll offer hints into the plot of Halo 4, the next major installment into the series."

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jdktech20102712d ago

Aww come on, now I gotta pick it up. It was on the edge of being a buy as it was but now you gotta include backstory and more halo universe story....

Can't wait

SixZeroFour2712d ago

technically speaking, you dont really need to buy it for the terminal hints, cause you know theyll be up on the net within a day...2 at most

jdktech20102712d ago

Yea but that ruins the fun of video games....thanks internet for ruining my childhood hobby because of your instantaneous knowledge sharing

SixZeroFour2711d ago

lol...yea, internet may have been the reason why cheat codes have disappeared in games

bacrec12712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Dear 343,

Dont screw it up

hennessey862709d ago

there are plenty of ex bungie working for 343 along with alot of talent from pandemic and other studios. Halo is in great hands, this is a chance for new life to be given to the halo franchise. I can't wait !!!!!

bacrec12708d ago

Excellent news friend.

jdktech20102712d ago

There's a few ex-bungie brass over ther elike Frank and that programmer (Corianne Yu?) but she's basically the mother of Halo as I've been told. I'm a bit worried but nothing too crazy.

Eagerly looking forward to 2012 holiday for it

QuantumWake2712d ago

I believe this is Corrinne's first Halo game. She's not the mother of Halo, she's the mother of technology. She has been been a programmer for quite a few studios. She was the director of technology at Gearbox. By far one of the most talented female programmers in the industry.

Anyways, I for one am looking forward to Halo: Anniversary. Go 343! :D

jdktech20102712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Well there ya go...I know she was some big get for 343 and everyone raved that she came over from Bungie....thanks for the info Quantum