Ms. Splosion Man's 'TMS' system isn't what you think

Joystiq writes: Though Ms. Splosion Man features online co-op and ghost data races against friends, the folks at developer Twisted Pixel are, like, really concerned with keeping you interested in their newest game. One such indication of this is today's launch day announcement that the "TMS" (or "Title Managed Storage" system, as explained here) will add "special rules and new content" to existing levels on a rolling weekly basis. Like previous TMS-assisted titles (Super Meat Boy, Monday Night Combat), no patch or update will be required for the new content to appear in the game.

There will be leaderboards specifically targeted at the TMS challenges, from which the studio will pull winners to award "real prizes and other fun stuff." It heralds a "new way of giving away free stuff to people who buy our games," says marketing director Jay Stuckwisch.

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